Mobile app of the Pension Fund has installed more than 80 thousand people

© Fotolia / sdecoretСмартфон in the workplace. Archival photoMobile app of the Pension Fund has installed more than 80 thousand people© Fotolia / sdecoret

More than 80 thousand people have downloaded to date the application of the Pension Fund of Russia for mobile devices, which was launched in March 2017 and allows you to get through the smartphone or tablet access to key electronic services and the services of the personal Cabinet of the citizen to the pension Fund, the press service of the FIU.

«With the app, users can obtain information about the status of your individual personal account in the Pension Fund and calculate the conditional size of future pension, given the already formed pension rights, check out these employer insurance premiums, to request an appointment, order the necessary documents. For pensioners through the application of available data on pensions and social payments», — stated in the message.

The FIU noted that the mobile application will be useful to the owner of the certificate for maternity capital. They will be able to track the balance of funds of the parent capital.

FIU free app is available for iOS and Android. To get started, it is necessary to pass authorization via a verified account on the Portal, and set a four-digit pin code, which in the future will be login to the application. Confirm your account on the Portal of public services in special authorized centers: offices of «Mail of Russia» «Rostelecom» or the client services of the Pension Fund.

«A number of services available through the application, it is possible to get without authorization through the account. For example, using location services of the mobile device, the app will find the nearest customer service of the Pension Fund or the IFC and will provide an opportunity to make an appointment. In addition, the application will allow you to order the necessary certificates and documents, as well as to appeal to the FIU,» — said the press service.


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