NASA scientists released a video of the flyby of Pluto by the New Horizons probe

The scientific team of the New Horizons probe celebrated the anniversary meeting of the New Horizons probe to Pluto and his «entourage» to prepare realistic computer model of how the probe is passed over the surface of the dwarf planet two years ago and published it on the NASA website.

The New Horizons probe is a veteran by the standards of earth’s space program — it was launched into space more than 11 years ago, January 19, 2006. After launching from Cape Canaveral it was the fastest spacecraft ever launched from Earth, moving with a speed of 58.5 thousand kilometers per hour.

In mid-July 2015, he arrived in the Pluto system, flying just 13 thousand kilometers from the dwarf planet and received a lot of detailed pictures of its surface and its moons. These images and data forever changed our ideas about Pluto – it was extremely complex and «alive» world, whose surface is constantly being updated and changing, and it is not a lifeless piece of ice on the edge of the Solar system, as scientists previously believed.

Images and scientific data obtained during this rendezvous, the probe is transferred to Earth for nearly a year, and that information scientists have used to disclose some of the mysteries of Pluto, including the history of his mysterious «heart» – ice plains of a Satellite, formed by a falling asteroid.

Alan stern, head of mission, and his colleagues used the images obtained during the flyby of the probe on Pluto, to compile a video of the process of rapprochement with New Horizons of the dwarf planet and flying past her.

In this video you can see how the probe flies over the plains of the Satellite, spot Cthulhu, Voyager plateau, the plain of Pioneer and depression of Tartarus. All of these forms of relief was reconstructed by scientists in three dimensions using images obtained by the cameras of New Horizons, and increased in 2-3 times to increase visibility.

The same video team, stern was prepared to Charon whose surface probe also studied two years ago.


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