Polish journalist in Brussels threatened with death for asking to the European Commission

© AFP 2017 / Philippe Mediawhat in the building of the European Commission in Brussels. Archival photoPolish journalist in Brussels threatened with death for asking to the European Commission© 2017 AFP / Philippe Huguen

Threats against the correspondent of the Polish TV channel Polsat in Brussels Dorota of Bavolek that she began to receive after asking for unwanted Warsaw questions to the European Commission, is unacceptable, said the official representative of the Executive Board of the European Union, Margaritis Schinas.

Previously, the online resource EurActiv reported that insults and threats of violence Bavolek beginning to get into social networks, after the state-controlled Polish television, she was accused that she asks the European Commission politically motivated questions with the purpose «to harm Poland.»

«We have seen these unacceptable threats against colleagues. I hope this is a one-time event and it won’t happen again,» said Chinas reporters in Brussels.

Last Thursday, the ruling Polish party «law and justice» published the bill on the dismissal of judges of the Supreme court, except for those who decide to keep the Minister of justice. The opposition condemned the document, calling it a «Declaration of a coup». Bavolek on the same day raised this question at a briefing in the EC, asking the representative of the Board of commissioners to respond to the situation with democracy in the country.

«The European Commission is watching the situation with great concern,» added Shines, adding that the issue will be discussed by the Board of commissioners on July 19.

A constitutional crisis erupted in Poland in December 2015, when President Andrzej Duda approved amendments to the law on the constitutional court, which sparked controversy in the country and criticism from the opposition. In January 2016, the European Commission adopted a decision on the beginning of the dialogue with Warsaw, to avoid violations of European norms.

In March, the first Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans addressed the EU Council with a request to assess the situation with the rule of law in Poland. According to officials, more than a year of dialogue with Warsaw is not allowed to change the situation, but the Polish government has intensified its attacks on the Commission and its representatives.

If negotiations will not bring the desired results, you may be running a procedure under article 7 of the Treaty on European Union, which involves the statement «the existence of a clear threat of a serious breach, or existence of a serious and sustained violation» of European values. In this case, Poland could lose the right to vote in the EU Council of Ministers.


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