Roskomnadzor demanded to remove pirated copies of «Game of thrones»

© Bighead Littlehead (2011 – …)scene from the series Game of thrones. Archival photoRoskomnadzor demanded to remove pirated copies of «Game of thrones»© Bighead Littlehead (2011 – …)

Roskomnadzor demanded from the owners of the 123 sites and hosting providers to remove pirated copies of TV series «Game of thrones», the Agency reported on Monday.

«Roskomnadzor has received 10 of the Moscow city court definition about acceptance of the provisional interim measures to protect exclusive rights of the series «Game of thrones». Definition adopted at the request of the company «AND the SERIES» («Amediateka»). Measures are being taken against 123 Internet resources that distribute pirated copies of the series with copyright infringement. Roskomnadzor has sent notification to the hosting providers and website owners to remove illegal content,» — said in the message.

In the case of not to make illegal copies of the series these sites will be blocked by the operators. The current «anti-piracy» legislation allows rights holders to protect from illegal distribution on the Internet all kinds of multimedia content, with the exception of pictures recalled in the Department.

«Game of thrones» is an American television series in the fantasy genre, created based on the cycle of novels «a Song of Ice and Fire» by George Martin. The premiere in Russia took place in September 2011. The first series of the new, seventh season of «Game of thrones» will show on July 17.

Roskomnadzor demanded to remove pirated copies of «Game of thrones»© Infographical of thrones: wait


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