Signed by Lennon for his killer album put up for sale

© AP Photo / Dave PickoffДжон Lennon. Archival photoSigned by Lennon for his killer album put up for sale© AP Photo / Dave Pickoff

The album Double Fantasy the soloist of the British group the Beatles John Lennon signed for Mark Chapman for sale on the Internet for $ 1.5 million, according to Fox News channel.

Lennon autographed the album for Chapman five hours before he shot and killed the musician. The album became one of the evidence in the case of the murder of a British artist. The TV station said that the album preserved the fingerprints of the murderer of Lennon. The album is available on the website Moments in Time, which sells various memorabilia.

«I have never encountered a subject with a history such as police reports, fixing fingerprints, letters from the district attorney,» said the site representative Moments in Time and the seller’s agent, Bob Safian.

Initially, the vinyl record autographed owned utility worker Phillip Michael who found the album outside the house of John Lennon in Manhattan immediately after the murder was committed. Michael handed the album to the police, but shortly after the investigation into the death of Lennon has got the record back.

After this album repeatedly put up for auction. So, in 1998 it was sold for 150 thousand dollars, in 2010, over 850 thousand dollars. The name of the current seller is not called.

The eighth of December 1980, Chapman shot five times in the back of cult musician when he and his wife Yoko Ono returned from a recording Studio Hit Factory. After 25 minutes, the doctors pronounced him dead Lennon from loss of blood. The offender tried to escape from the crime scene, the police found him there, reading «the catcher in the rye» Jerome Salinger.


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