The expert explained how the Dr changes will affect the ecology

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha in photobacteria transport ring of Moscow. Archival photoThe expert explained how the Dr changes will affect the ecology© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha the image Bank

New amendments in traffic Rules enable the authorities of major Russian cities to introduce restrictions on the entry of polluting vehicles, these changes will affect almost all motorists, believes the coordinator of the society «Blue buckets» Peter Shkumatov.

Earlier, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree amending the Rules of the road, in particular, introduced the terms «electric» and «hybrid vehicle» as well as relevant road signs and markings.

«The most important thing there — area traffic restrictions for vehicles with a certain environmental class: this will affect almost everyone. This means that the government of Moscow or Leningrad, for example, may decide that the entry within the ring road, or KAD is allowed only to vehicles of ecological class lower than Euro-3», — told RIA Novosti Shkumatov.

«And we have, for example, in Moscow the vehicles with environmental class Euro-more than 1 million units. In this case, these cars just will not be able to enter the city,» he continued.

According to experts, a ban on entry are unlikely to affect only part of the city and is likely to extend to a «global territory».

Shkumatov said that the restriction on entry only in the city centre, following the example of Paris does not affect the situation with the smog. «The fact that the car of an ecological class of Euro-5 is less dangerous than a car Euro 0, making 80 times less pollution. Accordingly, if one car in this class drives into the city, the pollution from it equal to the emissions of 80 cars. And as there is very high concentration of people, naturally, the restrictions on polluting cars — they are logical,» explained the expert.

In General, the changes in traffic rules, according to him, logical and long expected, however, they may relate to a large number of drivers who have not specified a class environmental friendliness in the Certificate of registration of the vehicle (STS). In his opinion, it is a «big problem.» Shkumatov suggested that as soon as the fine for the entry of environmentally unfriendly cars, there will be a queue to the traffic police and «people will try to add the data into CTC».

«These changes are very positive, but there are two painful points: one for owners of old cars because they will be forced to give them up and go for something more modern, and secondly it will force a fairly large number of people to go to change the documents, this could cause a large queue», — summed up Shkumatov.

According to him, changes can also increase the demand for more environmentally friendly vehicles, particularly hybrid.


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