The head of the Oryol region proposed to replace textbooks with tablets

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka in Photobacterium for the transition to e-books in secondary schools. Archival photoThe head of the Oryol region proposed to replace textbooks with tablets© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka the image Bank

The Governor of Orel region Vadim Potomsky has offered to buy students electronic tablets to replace textbooks free that are lacking in the region, the press service of the Governor.

The problem is that free orlovskih schoolchildren with textbooks was brought up during the direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

«There is an idea to consider the acquisition of textbooks and tablets as electronic books,» said Potomsky.

The head of the region instructed the Department of education of the Orel region to study the experience of other regions. He also urged to remember about the sanitary norms and the impact of tablets on the eyesight of students. However, he noted that the tablets issued to students shall contain only the curriculum, have access to the Internet so students are not distracted from the learning process. The Governor believes that the e-learning format can be entered for children from 5th grade.

As noted in the message, the initiative to replace textbooks to tablets is caused by the periodic change in the educational programs, which often require the purchase of new textbooks.

According to the head of the region in the year to update school textbooks, you need more than 60 million rubles. This sum is laid in the expenditure budget. However, the Governor believes that to achieve greater efficiency when you buy electronic tablets. According to him, the cost of modern tablets is cheaper than a set of textbooks for high school students.

In 2017, for providing school students with free textbooks from the regional budget will be allocated 58 million rubles, the report says.


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