The opposition in Montenegro has criticized NATO’s inaction in fighting fires

© AP Photo / Risto BozovicЛесные fires in Montenegro. 16 July 2017The opposition in Montenegro has criticized NATO’s inaction in fighting fires© AP Photo / Risto Bozovic

NATO helps its members Montenegro to fight against the strongest fires in spite of promises of the authorities, said Monday the opposition Democratic front (DF).

Day fire Republic continued to fight several fires close to the seaside towns of Budva, Tivat, Kotor, as well as in the suburbs of Podgorica. In the morning, hundreds of tourists were evacuated from Cape Paddle in the municipality of Tivat, the material damage from fires continues to grow. Emergency services of the Republic, by own recognition of their leadership, not enough people and equipment.

«Already during the first test and failed the history of the authorities on how Montenegro is equal in Brussels. NATO has abandoned its ally, a country that is a full member,» — said in a statement DF.

The opposition movement stressed that since the beginning of the fires «did not appear in any one aircraft of NATO,» and no military personnel that would participate in saving property and life of citizens.

«Obviously, the only NATO aircraft that saw Montenegro, are the ones who bombed our people in 1999,» — said Damfront.

Earlier, the Minister of defence of Montenegro Predrag Boskovic said that Podgorica is ready to participate in all NATO operations, including in the breakaway Republic of Kosovo. According to him, all that the Republic can give NATO now is 1950 the military and 450 thousand euros annual fee.

In early June, Montenegro officially became the 29th member of the Alliance. A significant part of the population of this former Yugoslav Republic were against joining the Alliance. The country held protests.


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