The Supreme court of Russia will check legality of a prohibition of «Jehovah’s Witnesses»

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in photobacteria the Supreme court of the Russian Federation in Moscow. Archival photoThe Supreme court of Russia will check legality of a prohibition of «Jehovah’s Witnesses»© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

The Supreme court on Monday will check the legality of the recognition of an organization as «the administrative centre of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia» extremist and the prohibition of its operation, told RIA Novosti press-service of the court.

«The appeals Collegium of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation will consider the complaint against the decision on the liquidation of religious organizations «Administrative center of Jehovah’s witnesses in Russia», — said the representative of the court.

The judge of the armed forces Yury Ivanenko 20 APR decided to recognize the primary organization of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» in Russia as extremist and to liquidate it. The court also ruled to pay state income property of the organization. Thus, the court satisfied the administrative claim of the Ministry of justice.

In the process, it became known that the Ministry, in particular, imposes «Jehovah’s Witnesses» in the guilt of the rejection of blood transfusion. The Ministry of justice is convinced that the work of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» creates a threat to the protection of the rights and interests of society and of public security, said the lawyer of the Ministry. According to her, the decision of the Russian courts 95 brochures «Jehovah’s Witnesses» as extremist, and the activities of the eight organizations in the regions of Russia.

During the trial the court heard the testimony of several former members of the organization, which stated that the followers of set «total control».

Lawyers of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» reject all claims of the Ministry. In particular, they note that the rejection of blood transfusion is not extremism — such an act in the law on combating extremist activity no. Also the lawyer has noticed that the Ministry of justice cited only a single case when the doctors offered to parents two alternative methods of treatment, one of which involved a blood transfusion. But the parents wanted to treat the child with medication.

The lawyers refute the presence of extremism in the literature of «Jehovah’s Witnesses». According to them, the claims were filed to passages from «the Bible», in addition, the authorities revised the issue of extremism in the brochure after changes to the legislation on such crimes.

«Administrative center of Jehovah’s witnesses in Russia» is the umbrella organization that manages the branches of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» in Russia. «Jehovah’s witnesses» say that the decision of the sun directly affects about 400 registered local religious organizations of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» in Russia, as well as 2277 applies to all religious groups in the country, bringing together 175 thousand of their followers.


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