Venezuela announced former Mexican President persona non grata

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The foreign Minister of Venezuela Samuel Moncada announced on Sunday by the persona non grata of the ex-President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, who became one of the guarantors of the opposition to hold the so-called «people’s referendum» against the policies of Nicolas Maduro.

The majority of Venezuelans who took part in the voting on Sunday, opposed the convocation of the constituent Assembly at the initiative of the Maduro. Only the «people’s referendum» was attended by about 7.2 million people.

«As the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela announced Mr Vicente Fox persona non grata, he abused the hospitality of our people, insulting him. Mr. Fox came paid to Venezuela to promote violence and the intervention of foreign powers,» Moncada wrote in his microblog on Twitter. According to Moncada, the Fox is not already in Venezuela. «As a preventive measures to protect our people, Mr. Fox will never be able to return to Venezuela,» – said the Minister.

Como Canciller de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, anuncio la declaración del Sr. Vicente Fox como persona no grata. (1/6).

— Samuel Moncada (@SMoncada_VEN) 17 Jul 2017

While official Mexico city on Sunday issued a statement in support of the election in the South American country. «The government of Mexico recognizes the high level of participation in national referendums held in Venezuela and other cities of the world at the call of the National Assembly. Mexico hopes that the results reflect the will of the Venezuelan people, will be heard and taken into account by the parties in the search for a negotiated solution that will restore democratic order in that country as soon as possible,» – said in a statement the foreign Ministry of Mexico.

The national electoral Council of Venezuela has previously stated that the referendum the opposition will have no legal force, as the right to carry out such activities has electoral power. The opposition refers to the 71st article of the Constitution, allowing to carry out consulting the polls, and intends to show the authorities the level of their support.

545 election of members of the national constituent Assembly scheduled for July 30. It will have to deal with the reform of the Constitution, the draft of which is expected to bring to a national referendum. The opposition believes that it is a violation of the Constitution, and the decision on the convocation of the constituent Assembly should not be accepted by the President and the referendum.


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