AFK Sistema asked to make an examination for evidence of «Rosneft»

© Fotolia / Baggages. Archival photoAFK Sistema asked to make an examination for evidence of «Rosneft»© Fotolia / Corgarashu

Sistema asks experts to verify the correspondence of managers «Bashneft» submitted «Rosneft» in the Bashkir arbitration court as evidence in the suit on is 170.6 billion rubles, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the audience Zamoskvoretsky court of the capital.

The court considers the claim to AFK «Sistema», which asks to cancel notarization of this correspondence. «We consider it necessary to appoint a forensic technical examination», — said the representative of «the System».

Lawyers AFC want to find out how the notary public has received access to the correspondence without a password from the user account. Charging examination, he suggested «Kaspersky Lab».

At the meeting on 6 June, the Arbitration court of Bashkortostan was attached to the materials of the case of «Bashneft» the correspondence of former top managers of the Bashkir oil companies and AFK Sistema, which, according to plaintiff, the evidence of deliberate violation of the law by the defendant and the deliberate damage of Bashneft reorganization.

The AFC believes that the notarial acts specified by the assurance of the correspondence made with numerous violations, this document may not be evidence and should be reversed.

AFK «System» till the end of 2014 owned controlling stake of «Bashneft». «Rosneft», «Bashneft» and Bashkiria in the court demanding to recover from the AFC and her «daughter» is 170.6 billion rubles in favor of «Bashneft». The plaintiffs believe that the damage occurred taking into account the weakening of the ruble «System» caused Bashneft’s reorganization. «The system» for its part, has repeatedly stated the groundlessness of the claims and willingness to defend its position in court.


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