Commander Islands earthquake with magnitude 7.4

© Fotolia / SergeyKrasnoshchokovКомандорские of the island. Archival photoCommander Islands earthquake with magnitude 7.4© Fotolia / SergeyKrasnoshchokov

An earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred on Tuesday in the Bering sea, 233 kilometres from the village of Nikolskoye, Kamchatka Krai, according to the US Geological survey (USGS).

Tremors were recorded in 23.34 UTC (02.34 GMT). The epicenter was located 233 kilometers from the village of Nikol’skoe, which is located on one of the commander Islands. The earthquake lies at a depth of 48.3 km.

Information on possible victims and destructions did not arrive.

According to Reuters, there is a tsunami threat in a radius of 300 kilometers.


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