Latest designs of civil aircraft will be demonstrated at MAKS-2017

© RIA Novosti / Makism Bogovidenie Ansat. Archival photoLatest designs of civil aircraft will be demonstrated at MAKS-2017© RIA Novosti / Makism Bogodvid

International aviation and space salon (MAKS), one of the largest forums in the world, kicks off July 18 and will last until July 23.

MAKS is held in the town of aircraft science and technology – Zhukovsky-at the airfield of the Central testing base of the country — Flight research Institute. M. M. Gromov.

At the MAKS-2017 is expected to involve about 700 companies from Russia, USA, France, Japan, China, Germany, Iran, UK and other countries. Russian aircraft producers will show examples of modern civil airplanes and helicopters.

«Helicopters of Russia» on static display at MAKS-2017 will present a civil model of the Ansat, Ka-32A11BC, Mi-8AMT and Mi-38. Appliances holding is to take an active part in the flying program of the air show. About 10 helicopters will be used in the span system also provides the individual piloting helicopters, including the «Ansat». In doubles aerobatics will take part of the latest machines of the Mi-38 and Mi-171A2.

«United aircraft Corporation» will show the model of short-haul passenger plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) and advanced MS-21-300. In addition, the exhibition will demonstrate flight simulator MS-21. SSJ100 in a version for the emergency situations will also be presented on static display and the crew will show their skills in the skies over Zhukovsky.

Another item on the program of MAKS-2017 will be the subject of unmanned aerial vehicles. Design Bureau «VR-Technologies» will present an experimental model of the modernized drone-tiltrotor RHV-30, which has completed the next stage of flight tests.

One of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers — Airbus will present at the air show plane the A350-900. The liner will perform demonstration flights and will also be presented at the static display in the first two days of the exhibition.

General sponsor of the Moscow aviation and space salon is the Bank VTB.


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