The event will be held the championship of Europe on modern pentathlon

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European championship in modern pentathlon begins on Tuesday in the capital of Belarus. The first major test of strength after the 2016 Olympics, the Russian team went to some new composition, but its leader, the Victor of Rio Alexander Lesun, in the ranks and, according to him, eager for new victories.

Performance in the Homeland

For a lot of Champions following the Olympic season is fasting. Alexander Lesun almost immediately after returning from Rio de Janeiro said that he is now on Tokyo 2020 and a long rest, not planning. No sooner said than done: the Olympic champion was ready for the new season and arrived at the start at the first world Cup in Los Angeles.

However, the expected Lesun victories not yet won. On the American launch in late February, he was third in the Hungarian round of the world Cup in early may – the tenth. And in the Final of the world Cup in Vilnius, which brought together all the strongest pyatibortsy world and Olympic champion finished in sixth place.

However, for the European championship Lesun, according to him, is adjusted resolutely. «I’m ready to fight and want it, what is most interesting, — said the top Russian pyatibrat «R-Sport» shortly before the start of the tournament. But I was not focused, and I don’t know how it will turn out to be. Special lead-in to the tournament operation I had, but I think that the background done a good overall job the result should be.»

Don’t forget that Minsk for Lesun – is no stranger to the city: he was born in Belarus and until 2008, was playing for the country. Probably in front of relatives and friends he wants not to lose face. «Of course, I want to perform well in Minsk, — he said. But we all are superstitious people, and pyatibortsy — especially we don’t like to say that we were going for medals. I don’t set myself specific tasks on the European championship, because in the post-Olympic year we have to collect yourself emotionally and be recharged for the further work».

Of the other four Russian participants of the European championship in the men’s team is former world champion in the individual competition – it’s Ilya Frolov won the world championship in 2008. Last season Frolov, missing the Olympic team of Russia, said it was the intention to retire, but then changed his mind and is now a full member of the team.

However, it is unknown whether Frolov’s claim for personally-team championship – team in the disciplines of the coaching staff will be announced on Tuesday. Also set off for Minsk Alexander Savkin, Kirill Belyakov and Maxim Kuznetsov.

Without Rimsaite, but Gubaidulina

The leader of the last four years in the Russian women’s modern pentathlon donation Rimsaite this season, have conceded – and, according to the chief coach of Russian national team of Andrey Moiseyev, said «R-Sport» in June, no one from the coaching staff knows its level of readiness and no idea when she could return to duty. So for the European championship women’s team went without four-time champion of this tournament in various disciplines.

But to say that the team is weakened, it would be wrong. The main hope, with the medal – the silver medalist of last year’s European championship Gulnaz Gubaidullin, which in the Final world Cup of the season took third place in the world ranking at the moment is second, behind only Olympic champion 2012 Lithuanian Laura Sadauskaite.

Along with Gubaidulina in the team competition will act as returning this season, the team world champion 2010 in the relay and the champion of Europe-2012 in team classification Ekaterina Geraskina, and also the debutant of competitions of such level Ulyana Batashov. In the individual competition, in addition to these three athletes will be declared the double world champion in the relay and silver medalist of the 2013 European championship in the individual championship Anna Buriak. But in the relay it will be the bronze medalist of the world championship-2013 in the discipline of Alice fahrutdinova.

Tentatively it is planned that the first will perform Lesun and Gubaidulina, although no formal application for this program will be filed only after the personal-team tournaments.

The European championship starts on Tuesday, July 18 competitions in the relay for women. Wednesday, July 19, in the discipline of the men. The semifinals of the women’s individual and team competitions will be held on Thursday, July 20, and in the male tournament participants are a critical start will be determined on Friday, the 21st. The final competition of women in the individual and team Championships will be held July 22, on Saturday. The men’s final will take place on July 23, Sunday. Finally, on Monday, July 24 contestants in the mixed relay (mixed doubles) will complete the European championship.


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