«Take time» in the Kremlin told about the possibility of a pardon izmestiev

© RIA Novostiukraine judgment in a criminal case against the former Senator from Bashkiria I. izmestiev. Archival photo«Take time» in the Kremlin told about the possibility of a pardon izmestiev© RIA Novosti

In the Kremlin confirmed that Mr Putin to pardon the former Senator from Bashkiria Igor izmesteva.

«The President said it was possible and that it will take time,» said RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.
With a request to pardon former Senator, Putin asked the head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva.

On Thursday, Vladimir Putin personally congratulated the Russian human rights activist and 90-year anniversary. Before departure to Yoshkar-Ola, the President of the day came to Alekseeva in her apartment on the Old Arbat.

Not a gift, but a request

«I said it’s not a gift, it’s a request, do a good deed on Igor izmesteva… Because a pardon is not an act of justice, it is an act of mercy,» — said Alexeyev later at a meeting of the Presidential Council on human rights (HRC).

«I said, I promise. I said, «I know, Mr President, that when you promise, you definitely do,» — said the human rights activist. Putin, according to her, agreed.

«Now tomorrow I’ll be happy with this news, the mother of Igor izmestiev, because I believe the President will fulfill that promise» — said Alekseev.
The head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov, on hearing the news, smiled and said: «Lyudmila, I can only say one thing — you are in his repertoire. So, all right, and in 90 years you absolutely.»

The Izmestieva

Igor Izmestyev was the Senator from Bashkortostan in 2001. Five years later he was recalled from the Federation Council because of the reconciling work of the Senator with the business.

In January 2007 izmestiev was arrested on suspicion of murder. In July of that year to charges added one to give a bribe of 10 thousand dollars Lieutenant Colonel of the FSB.

In 2009 against izmestiev has brought the second criminal case concerning tax evasion. In this case were also the Deputy General Director of «Bashneft» Viktor Ghanaians. After the liberalization of the legislation on tax crimes, a warrant for the arrest of the second case was canceled, however, Izmestyev has been remanded in custody accused of murder.

In December 2010 izmestiev was sentenced to life imprisonment for grave crimes, including organization of murders and terrorism. Ex-Senator in court pleaded not guilty.

Kingiseppskaya group

The investigation found that in late 1992 izmestiev and another 12 people joined the so-called «kingiseppskaya group». The participants made more than 20 heavy and especially grave crimes, including 12 murders.

One of the leaders of the gang – Imran Ilyasov, the court in 2008 and sentenced to 19 years in a penal colony, six of the participants were sentenced to imprisonment. They were accused of more than ten murders.

Izmestiev, according to investigators, ordered «Kingiseppsky grouping» of several murders. In particular, the former Senator was accused of organizing the assassination of the son of the President of Bashkiria Ural Rakhimov. The undermining of the car with security Rakhimov in November 2003 was qualified as terrorism.

The former Senator also accused in the murder of Director of production Novoufimski refinery Salavat Gainanov, chief accountant Belneftehima Valery Speransky and the Moscow notary of Galina Perepelkinoy.

In December 2013, the Supreme court refused Izmestieva in the appeal against the verdict. Thus, the court again upheld the conviction in 2010, and appointed former Senator’s punishment remained unchanged.

The Case Of «Bashneft»

According to media reports, in mid-September 2014 izmestiev reported willingness to testify against the former head of «Bashneft» Ural Rakhimov, relying on a review of the sentence.

Based including on the testimony izmestiev, the court in 2014, extended the term of arrest of prominent businessman Levon Hayrapetyan is suspected of involvement in the sale of Ural Rakhimov «Bashneft» the structures of AFK «Sistema».


In April 2015, the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika reported that Switzerland has returned assets of Igor izmestiev. Their value was not specified.

These funds were used for compensation to victims of crimes committed by ex-Senator in Russia.