The chief of Department of the hospital in Tatarstan has received one and a half years for child’s death

© Fotolia / Andy DeanВрач in handcuffs. Archival photoThe chief of Department of the hospital in Tatarstan has received one and a half years for child’s death© Fotolia / Andy Dean

A court in Tatarstan has appointed punishment in the form of 1,5 years of restriction of liberty the head of the Department of Nurlatsky district Central hospital, recognised guilty of causing of death on imprudence to two-year-old girl, according to the regional investigation Department of the TFR.

«A local resident 57-year-old RESEDA Yunusova was found guilty of causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties. The verdict of the court Yunusova appointed punishment in the form of a 1.5 year of restraint of liberty. In addition, it is forbidden to engage in medical activities for 1 year», — stated in the message.

As established a consequence and court, July 31 2016 if you see a hospital with complaints of high fever and cough, was delivered to a girl at the age of 2 years and 10 months. Head of the paediatric Department, as established, examined her and diagnosed «acute laringotracheitis», while acting carelessly, in violation of official instructions and orders without holding the mandatory events, and diagnostics, clinical significance misjudged the severity of the child as average. After that, the doctor, according to the result, not handed over to the patient under the supervision of the physician on duty and left the workplace, the result until the next morning any monitoring of the child were not implemented.

«The further inspection she made the entry in the medical card hospital patient, not putting mandatory information, without which a doctor cannot provide medical process. In the result, the doctor on duty at the deterioration of the patient had not had a real opportunity to organize a proper intensive therapy to the child, and the morning of August 2, the girl died», — notes the Agency.