Anniversary season of the jazz Koktebel Jazz Party will unite in the Crimea international stars

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in photobackgrounds jazz festival Koktebel Jazz Party. Archival photoAnniversary season of the jazz Koktebel Jazz Party will unite in the Crimea international stars© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The legendary trumpeter, the star of the «jazz Mecca» of the USA — new York, Valery Ponomarev, along with musicians from the USA, Brazil, Germany, France, Switzerland, Korea and other countries will perform at the anniversary season of the jazz Koktebel Jazz Party, which will be held in the artistic village of the Crimea from 18 to 20 August.

In an interview with radio Sputnik Valery Ponomarev stressed that the international jazz festival Koktebel Jazz Party annually brings together on one platform and thousands of jazz lovers and dozens of the best jazz performers from around the world. In the anniversary for the site year, I am sure jazzman, geographical palette of musicians will be even richer. There is more that the Koktebel Jazz Party is not just a jazz concert, this is a real event, which fans and connoisseurs of jazz to look forward to.

My first performance at a jazz festival in Koktebel trumpeter remembers well — when it was attended by representatives of many European countries and musicians from the United States. They all appreciated the organization of the event and expressed readiness to participate in the future.

«Everything always was in awe of this festival…. There the audience was great. Remember how they took all the seats and filled the space, sitting and standing, in General, a lot of people. And they are all happy, clapping and enjoying the music. Musicians and audience are United into one, the whole thing merges into one awesome experience. Looking forward to the next trip,» said jazz.

Besides Ponomarev will not only participate in the Grand anniversary festival, but also a trip to the Koktebel — a place to which it is bonded. Here, you can say I passed a certain stage of formation as a musician.

«The trip to Koktebel for me — personal experience. Even as a boy I went there for the first time with the «Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya,» then traveled alone and played with the musicians on the porches. This is one of the most unique beauty and climate of the places in the world», — said the artist.

Together with the famous jazz at the jubilee festival will feature the Jazz Messengers ensemble of Moscow (the Moscow jazz messengers). It consists of the best musicians of Russia, participants of well-known jazz and pop groups, the winners of national and international contests, festivals and television projects. At the jubilee festival in their performance will include works from the repertoire of the great jazz musician Art Blakey and the motives of popular jazz classics.

«We have a wonderful band, very talented guys! The orchestra will be performing the repertoire that made him loved and famous all over the world — the repertoire of Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers», — said Ponomarev.

Valery Ponomarev — the legendary jazz trumpeter, in the early 70-ies after emigrating from the USSR to the US in the forefront of American jazz. For several years in the late 70-ies Ponomarev played in the Jazz Messengers Art Blakey (Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers), and later the jazz musician started his solo career. Musician teaching a lot, including in programs of master classes in different educational institutions of the USA and the so-called «summer jazz camps».

Detailed information about the festival Koktebel Jazz Party is available on the official website.

Koktebel Jazz Party is an annual international jazz festival, founded in 2003. The festival originated as a private initiative of the founder of the Koktebel jazz journalist Dmitry Kiselev. Small Crimean village gave its name to the festival, today occupy a recognized place in the list of jazz events.

Koktebel Jazz Party is not just a jazz of world level is a real freedom that gives rise to a single vibration of music, sea, body and soul. Organizer of the festival is GK «Red Square».

The festival Koktebel Jazz Party is held with the informational support of the international media group «Russia today» TV channel «Russia 1» «Russia-Culture» and «Russia 24», radio JAZZ 89.1 FM, radio «Mayak», radio «Culture», radio stations «Vesti FM», the Eurasian communication center. A special partner is the company «Smolensk Diamonds».