Archaeologists have found in Cambodia’s ancient two-meter statue

© AP Photo / Apsara AuthorityДревняя two-meter statue was found in Cambodia. 30 July 2017Archaeologists have found in Cambodia’s ancient two-meter statue© AP Photo / Apsara Authority

Cambodian and Singaporean archaeologists working near the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire of Angkor in the present Cambodian province of Siem reap, on Saturday recovered along with 40-centimeter layer of earth, a two-meter statue of the giant guard, who stood 800 years ago at the gates of Angarskoi hospital, said on Monday the online version of the newspaper Cambodia Daily.

The statue, according to preliminary estimates related to the XII century, was the first major item was found at Angkor in 6 years. In 2011, near the site of Saturday’s finds were discovered two large statues of Buddhas, belonging to a later time.

The statue was found in a new excavation, laid on Friday at the North gate of the city of Angkor Thom, built in the reign of Angkor Emperor Jayavarman VII, who made this city his capital. The reign of Jayavarman VII known to historians as the time of large-scale social programs. Including, by the order of this monarch in the country, which included the territory of present-day Cambodia and large parts of modern Laos and Thailand, was built 102 hospitals. The dominant religion at the time Angkor Wat was a Hindu, and is why most stone sculptures of the period depict Hindu deities.

The statue of the demon-guard you’ll be a skilful stone carvings and is of great historical value, despite the fact that she’s missing part of the feet and hands, the newspaper said, citing experts, «the management of Apsara», the state body subordinate to the Ministry of culture of Cambodia. The office is responsible for archaeological works on the territory of «Historical Park of Angkor», a giant in the area of the province of Siem reap, the territory of which from IX to XV century were one after another several of the capitals of the ancient Khmer Empire.

The Cambodia Daily writes that the work on the new excavations at the North gate of Angkor Thom participate, in addition to specialists in Control «Apsara» and the Singapore Institute for the study of South-East Asia, and students-archaeologists from Asian countries, Europe and the United States.

The biggest find in the Park – a rarity, as many stone statues and reliefs were looted from the temples of Angkor Wat and the city Angkor Thom in the period from the late nineteenth century through the first decade of the XXI century: during the French colonization and during the relatively recent wars and upheavals, especially during the reign of the Khmer Rouge in 1975 – 1979, when historic preservation was not a priority for the Cambodian authorities. Currently, many artifacts of Angkor, caught in the museums of Europe and the United States back to Cambodia.

Cambodian and foreign archaeologists working at Angkor, however, believe that in the near future they are amazing and numerous discoveries, as most of the «Park of Angkor» just cleared of jungle, and it is in this newly cleaned part will be laid new excavations in subsequent years. Aerial photography confirmed that jungle on uncleared plots hide another, yet unknown, the city of the Angkor era.