At Airbus DS told about the contract for the supply of Angosat satellite

© Photo : courtesy of Airbus DSГлава Airbus Defence and Space in Russia, Vladimir Terekhov. Archive photoAt Airbus DS told about the contract for the supply of Angosat satellite© Photo : courtesy of Airbus DS

All obligations for the supply of electronic components to the first Angolan satellite Angosat (AngoSat) are met, completed ground testing, conducted by rocket-space Corporation (RSC) Energia, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the head of Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus DS) in Russia, Vladimir Terekhov.

«The satellite AngoSat for Angola order is the first major example of cooperation between RSC Energia and Airbus DS. Under the contract, Airbus DS has set the payload of this spacecraft, and in this respect, all obligations met,» he said.

According to him, «at the moment «filling» the satellite has already been collected».

«There is the final stage of ground testing, conducted by RSC Energia, so the date of the launch of the spacecraft you are correct to ask the leadership of the company. We gained invaluable experience of cooperation with RSC «Energia», which we will use in our subsequent joint programmes,» said Terekhov.

According to the report on the website of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation, the contract documents for the establishment of a national system of satellite communication and broadcasting of Angola’s Angosat was signed in accordance with the instructions of the Russian government dated 23 March 2007 between Rosoboronexport and the Ministry of telecommunications and information technologies of Angola. The creation of Angosat is realized by the enterprises of the Russian industry in cooperation with Airbus DS.

Contract documents provide for the creation of a SPACECRAFT (SC) communication and broadcasting Angosat (relay C — and ku — band frequencies), the SPACECRAFT Angosat in geostationary orbit, the ground infrastructure of communication and broadcast television, all on a temporary basis, the Russian orbital frequency resource for international legal protection.

In Angola in the suburbs of Luanda city (community Foundations) provides for the establishment of ground control systems and communications, modernization of already existing infrastructure elements of the ground segment of satellite television.

The Prime contractor for the angosat project — RSC «Energia». The project is worth 327,6 million dollars. Practical implementation began in November 2013, commissioning is planned in 2017. The launch of one of orbital positions previously planned for the end of 2017.

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