At the first competition of presidential grants allocated 2.25 billion rubles

© Fotolia / DmitrydesignerРоссийские rubles. Archival photoAt the first competition of presidential grants allocated 2.25 billion rubles© Fotolia / Dmitrydesigner

On the ground this year the competition of presidential grants allocated 2.25 billion rubles, the average grant amount was 2.2 million rubles, said first Deputy head of presidential administration, head of the coordination Committee for conducting tenders for granting of presidential grants Sergei Kiriyenko.

The first competition was won by 1023 draft submitted to 970 non-profit organizations from 79 regions of Russia.

«The average grant size we have 2.2 million rubles, which in General corresponds to the needs of non-profit organizations, approximately the scale of funds that allows us to implement enough projects,» — said Kiriyenko reporters on Monday following the meeting of the coordination Committee.

He recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin on 26 July signed a decree to increase the volume of grant support — funding increased from 4.3 billion to 7 billion rubles.

«Today’s distribution, we have completed the distribution of 2 billion 250 million rubles. In fact, this means that we have twice as a large number remained at the second stage, it is a call to all non-profit organizations hesitate to apply for the second stage of the competition», — said the Chairman of the coordination Committee.

Kiriyenko said that during the contest one of the requirements for the projects were co-financed; this means that the means of presidential grants can’t be the only ones who are financing the project.

«So to those of 2.25 billion that we distributed, it is necessary to add another 2 billion, which the nonprofit organization has attracted extra-budgetary funds. This means that the outcome of today’s decision, the implemented projects will be over four billion rubles, despite the fact that only two of them allocated from the budget», — he explained.

One of the main achievements of this year’s competition, in his estimation, was a sharp increase among the winners share of regional organizations, as well as a large number of organisations, which last year won the competition. He also noted a large number of interesting projects from small towns and settlements.

The head of the coordination Committee said that some good projects have not passed the competition simply because of improper execution. He also said that now would be a lot of work, including additional training and consultation as full-time and part-time that all organizations can correct your mistakes and re-apply for a new contest. «The reserve is large — so, on the second stage there are 4 billion 750 million, there is something to be beaten,» — said Kiriyenko.

On the question of whether the results of the second contest some part of the allocated grant funds remain Unallocated, he said: «I hope not», while adding that there is no problem to distribute the money.

«In some cases, the experts we spoke quite harshly about the fact that the projects that scored fewer points, in the opinion of experts, require treatment. This does not mean that they are bad, it means they need improvement, and to provide today’s funding is not required. Therefore, we have no problem to absorb the funds we need to support the maximum number of qualified and socially important projects that will benefit the people,» — said Kiriyenko.

The Director General of the presidential grants Ilya Chukalin in turn explained that the 1023 application has overcome the passing score, but as some organizations submitted multiple applications, which ultimately passed a competition, they had to choose their project, which will eventually receive a grant.

«Because our organization could not receive more than one grant, they had some to choose from for their projects. In the end, overcame the established passing score 1023 of the project, but will receive grants of 970 organizations. The largest grant this will be the «Golden mask» — 50 million», — said the General Director of the Fund.

The Chairman of the joint expert Council Andrey Klepach said that there are many unique projects-winners. «There are enough interesting projects in, for example, with slepochnye children to deaf-blind children could have some time to live in families, to obtain special training. Actually a lot of interesting projects, unusual», he added.

The head of the joint expert Council said that traditionally the number of applications, the leaders are Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, but patency of the requests percent of the winning bids — in the first place was the regions such as Krasnoyarsk Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Dagestan.

«A very high level of high-quality applications — more than 30% who were the winners», — said Klepach.