CNN: British Prancer played Scaramucci, Bossert and son trump

© AP Photo / Richard DrewЭрик trump. Archival photoCNN: British Prancer played Scaramucci, Bossert and son trump© AP Photo / Richard Drew

Prancer from UK, who calls himself «lazy anarchist», he played the assistant to the President for national security and the fight against terrorism Thomas Bossert, former Director of the White house communications Anthony of Scaramucci and the US President’s son Eric trump, reports CNN.

As the channel, the pranker was pretending to be other officials of the United States, engaging in a dialog with officials from the White house. So, in conversation with the Bossert he was posing as a son-in-law of U.S. President Jared Kushner, invited him to dinner and received a personal e-mail address Bossert. «It would be great if you could make it, I promise that the food would be at least comparable in quality to the one we had in Iraq,» wrote «fake Kouchner». In response to the invitation Bossert sent to your personal address.

In the case of Scaramucci prankster pretended to be the ex-chief of staff of the White house by the Rains was Primacom and called it «hypocritical». Scaramucci advised him to read «Othello» by Shakespeare.

Another time Prancer posing as one of Jon Huntsman, the candidate President of the United States Donald trump has made to the post of Ambassador to Russia. «Whose head will roll first?», asked Prancer’s Scaramucci. Scaramouche said: «Both (head)». According to the channel, the conversation was before it was announced the resignation of Pribas. At the end of the correspondence between Scaramucci invited him to visit. «Are you in Moscow now? If not, please come,» wrote Scaramucci «the Huntsman».

Eric trump also became the victim of a prank. The prankster pretended to be his older brother, Donald trump Jr., but was discovered.