Enterprises of «SUEK-Kuzbass» was established in July, record-setting performance

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in photobacteria coal. Archival photoEnterprises of «SUEK-Kuzbass» was established in July, record-setting performance© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Three Russian production record is set at the mining enterprises of the company «SUEK-Kuzbass» in July 2017, the press service of the company.

«Team Eugene Kosmin mine named after V. D. Eletskogo improved private Russian production record, set in may 2017. Then team lava No. 5003 issued on-mountain 1,407 million tons of coal. July achievement has grown to 160 thousand tons and amounted to 1,567 thousand tons,» — said in a press release.

All of lava №5003 for three and a half months after its commissioning produced almost 4.5 million tons of coal.

In addition, on the cut «kamyshanskiy» recorded two of the monthly record: the team of Andrey Gadzhiev for the month drilled 42041 meter, and the team of Vitaly Arrested for a month got an excavator 451,7 t/m3 of rock mass.

According to representatives of firms-manufacturers of mining equipment, set records are the maximum achievements performance in the global coal industry.

«SUEK is investing billions of dollars in investment in development of enterprises. The new equipment, multiplied by the miners the ability to mine large coal, allows to raise labour productivity to industry best indicators in the world», — said General Director of JSC «SUEK-Kuzbass» Eugene Utaev.