Entrepreneurs Udmurt Republic presented Shuvalov new Russian goods

© RIA Novosti / Veronica Buckeyegirl Shuvalov during a working visit to Izhevsk. 1 August 2017Entrepreneurs Udmurt Republic presented Shuvalov new Russian goods© RIA Novosti / Veronica Hedwig

Entrepreneurs Udmurt Republic presented to first Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov coffee, roasted in Izhevsk, virtual reality glasses and a number of other promising projects.

The presentation took place during the forum «invest in Udmurtia» on the territory of JSC «Concern «Kalashnikov».

CEO of Hudway Ivan Klabukov presented to first Deputy Prime Minister special car points, allowing the driver to see all car navigation data. Points must be installed before the windshield, at eye level of the driver. According to him, the Windshield is conducting negotiations with «AVTOVAZ» the launch of the joint project. «Options that are in the car for 2 thousand dollars you can buy with 12 thousand rubles»,- said Shuvalov of Klabukov.

In addition, Shuvalov presented their projects company «Shirt on order», which allows you to order a shirt online for individual measures, a manufacturer of equipment for oil and gas companies NGOs «Hydraulic» and the producers of virtual reality glasses Boxglass. A cardboard frame with special optics is a case where you put a mobile phone with installed application augmented reality. Wearing glasses, the user is in a virtual 3D space.

Shuvalov recalled that about three years ago, the head of Sberbank German Gref presented members of the government similar points. «A serious qualitative leap in three years»,- said Shuvalov examples of points. He asked whether it is a domestic product. A company spokesman said that the glasses are completely manufactured from Russian components. Their retail price is 300 rubles.

Presented their products and coffee producer from Izhevsk Mikhail Sharov, who runs the company the roast — Tasty Coffee. He explained that the company specializiruetsya «coffee drink» and supplies its products to restaurants, hotels, and also sells grains in bulk. The entrepreneur said that the company is not yet operational, because roasted coffee, you can store only 30 days, and also in connection with the need to pay for access to the shelves.