In Makhachkala opened ethno-cultural Park «City of Masters»

© RIA Novosti / Maria to Vasakpartei in fotobounce Makhachkala. Archival photoIn Makhachkala opened ethno-cultural Park «City of Masters»© RIA Novosti / Maria to Vasakpartei the image Bank

New ethnic and cultural tourism platform — alley «City of Masters» was opened in the capital of Dagestan, reports the Department of press service and information administration and head of government of the Republic.

In the «City of Masters» presents unique samples of folk arts and crafts of Dagestan, and jewelry of Kubachi and Gotsatl’, Tabasaran carpets, bulharska ceramics, Untsukul wood products, inlaid metal patterns.

According to the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov took part in the opening of the cultural Park, the idea of creating a «City of Masters» appeared 15 years ago, but only now, with the participation of the national tourism authorities have managed to create this «little corner of popular culture of Dagestan».

He noted that such recreation areas where everyone can come residents, including parents with children, should be in all districts of Makhachkala.

«Culture is directly connected with the development of all other industries. What is culture, so is the economy, and is the same level of service people. Dagestan takes the third place in Russia by quantity of historical monuments. We have more than 6 thousand. This huge potential must see, especially in the capital. We have worked to create a new modern, best in the Caucasus, a local history Museum. Established the country’s first Theater of poetry» — are words in the message abdulatipova.