In Moscow determined all the participants of the Superfinal of the championship of Russia on beach football

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in photobanks football. Archival photo. Archival photoIn Moscow determined all the participants of the Superfinal of the championship of Russia on beach football© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

All participants of the thirteenth Superfinal of the championship of Russia on beach football will be determined in the third stage, which will be held at the Moscow stadium «amber» from 1 to 6 August.

Compared with season-2016 in the championship of Russia compete, not eight, but nine teams. Not involved silver medalist last year and the winner of the regular championship of Saint-Petersburg «Golden», whose place was taken by another club from the Neva banks «city». Also in the elite after a two year hiatus, caused by not the best financial state, he returned one of the most titled clubs of the country — Moscow «Strogino», twice in the history won the championship and Cup of Russia.

It is because of increase in structure of participants of the regular championship changed the format of the Grand final. If last year in the final stage participated in only four of the club, now in Saratov, where from 11 to 20 August, will host the Grand final, will leave six teams. The first two teams at the end of the regular season will directly make it to the semifinals, where they will meet the winners of the quarterfinal series. In the 1/4 finals the third team of the regular season will play sixth and fourth with fifth. All the series Grand final will be held till two wins.

The capital stage of the championship of Russia starts literally the day after graduating from the Moscow stage of the Euroleague, which took place at the «Amber» from 28 to 30 July. The national team is perfectly won the competition, which can not add positive emotions before the third stage of the championship. It is not necessary to forget and about the factor of physical fatigue, because the Russian team consists of players of the most titled Russian clubs — Moscow «Locomotive» and St. Petersburg «Crystal», which three times won the national championship.

On the stage almost all the individual prizes were taken by the railway – Alexey Makarov was the tournament MVP and best goalkeeper – Maxim Chuikov. At the same time «the locomotive» from-for traumas have lost Boris Nikonorova. Nevertheless, «locomotive» and «Crystal» are the main favorites of the whole championship and, consequently, in the struggle for straight trips to the semifinals.

Moreover, the «Crystal» and «the locomotive» in the offseason caught the attention of the public invitation in the past famous players. The team from Neva banks has invited ex-goalie Amkar Perm, Tula «Arsenal» and «growth» Roman Gerus, who vengeance manifests itself in beach soccer, and the railroad said the former forward of Russian national team of Dmitry Sychev.

However, Sychev returned to the football, in early July, becoming the second player of team «the Locomotive» «Kazanka» serving the Professional football League (PFL). «May we not communicated with Dmitry, but our club is still waiting for him. We rely on the help of Sycheva in the championship of Russia on beach football. He remains in our application. Talk about the fact that Sychev is retiring from beach soccer, was not. Still Dmitry stayed with us for two or three months, that is, the pre-season,» — said July 5, player-coach of the beach «Locomotive» Ilya Leonov.

The main competitor of the titans domestic beach soccer is CSKA Moscow, which is the only representative of «Crystal» and «Locomotive» in the Russian national team Victor Kryssanov. CSKA last season ranked last, but now held a strong transfer campaign and the results of the two stages held in Saint-Petersburg and Kazan occupies an intermediate first place.

Also a pretty decent power are Saratov «Delta», «city» and the Moscow «Spartak». Part of the «red-white» before the third stage came back injured Roman Pachev, and was signed by the leader of the national team of Belarus Igor Brishtel, who previously played in Samara «Wings of the Soviets». «At first I was thinking. Thought to remain in the «Wings», but the task was only to fight for the seventh place. I have no motivation for it. Spartak made the offer, I decided to fight for the highest places with him,» said Bristol.

Thus, clearly the six top teams, because point advantage in the standings before the clubs from the bottom of the table is already quite large, and the difference in matchmaking too. So the chances of «wings of the Soviets», Moscow «Elmont» and «Strogino» to continue the struggle is not so high. However, the teams have six more rounds in order to rectify the situation.

Fully standings after two stages of the championship of Russia looks as follows: head of the table CSKA (11 games, 24 points), in second place is «Crystal» (11 games, 23 points), the third – Lokomotiv (10 games, 21 points), the fourth – «Delta» (11 games, 18 points), fifth – «Spartak» (10 games, 17 points), the sixth city (11 games, 16 points) the seventh – Strogino (11 games, 9 points), eighth – «Wings of Soviets» (10 matches, 6 points), rounded out the table with two points after 11 games «Elmont».