In the US, living near the Russian Embassy to find out whether they are not afraid of espionage

© AFP 2017 / Chris KleponisПосольство Russia in Washington, USA. Archival photoIn the US, living near the Russian Embassy to find out whether they are not afraid of espionage© AFP 2017 / Chris Kleponis

American journalists are asking residents of the Washington area Glover Park Embassy of Russia, not concerned about whether they are possible espionage activities of the diplomatic mission. E-mail the locals got from the journalist of the edition of the Washington Examiner.

«Are you worried that the Embassy is so close, given recent events? I heard that some people… worried about the cameras that the Embassy can spy on you. Many of you worried about this?» — the letter says.

The author explains that it is working on a paper on «the relations of Glover Park and the Russian Embassy». «It is often discussed? Do you think that the fact that the Embassy is in your area, the effect on him? Why? Why not?» — the letter says.

RIA Novosti does not yet have a review of the publication.

One of the residents of Glover Park was reported by RIA Novosti, that was not worried because the Embassy has not yet received a letter from the Washington Examiner. She said she now «can worry about what the Americans will do violence against the building and the residential premises where live many Embassy staff».

«The press must avoid in order to incite people,» said a local resident.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier that the staff of the U.S. mission in Russia is the same as the staff of the diplomatic mission of Russia in America by 455 people on each side. The result of the 755 employees of the American Embassy will have to stop work in Russia. The U.S. state Department considered Moscow’s actions unjustified and promised to respond to them. The Russian foreign Ministry on 28 July urged the United States until September 1 to bring the number of diplomats and technical staff of the diplomatic mission in Moscow in accordance with the number of employees of the Russian diplomatic missions in the United States.

In addition, Russia from August 1 to suspend the use of the U.S. Embassy’s warehouse space on the Road outside and the Embassy dacha in Serebryany Bor. Relevant notes were presented to the head of the us diplomatic mission, John Tefft. The U.S. Ambassador said it «deeply regrets» undertaken by Moscow’s measures. This step became the answer of Moscow on the withdrawal at the end of 2016 the Russian departmenti in school and develop United States new anti-sanctions.

White house spokesman Sarah Sanders stated that the US administration is studying the response options.