In Vyborg will open the memorable sign Eldar Ryazanov

© Provided by the organizers of the festival «Window to Europe»Poster with a picture of Director Eldar RyazanovIn Vyborg will open the memorable sign Eldar Ryazanov© Provided by the organizers of the festival «Window to Europe»

Russian film festival «Window to Europe» which will pass in Vyborg from 6 to 12 August, will open in honor of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Eldar Ryazanov’s a plaque on the Avenue of Stars. This was reported by RIA Novosti news Agency in the organizing Committee of the film forum.

The eighteenth of November 2017 known Director, screenwriter, playwright, poet and actor, Eldar Ryazanov would have turned 90 years old.

The Vyborg festival «the Window to Europe» in honor of the eminent film Director will open a memorial plaque on the Avenue of Stars, located in front of the cinema «Vyborg Palace», where the main events of the film forum. Also, the festival has released a special commemorative poster for the anniversary of the master.

«Ryazanov is a great Director and a brilliant playwright of the twentieth century, — told RIA Novosti President of the festival Armen Medvedev. — His films grew more than one generation of Russian filmmakers and the audience. We remember with gratitude the Masters and the festival to show his film «Andersen. A life without love,» which celebrated its tenth anniversary».

People’s artist of the USSR Eldar Ryazanov, Soviet / Russian film Director, screenwriter, actor, educator, broadcaster, writer, poet, playwright. The author of the films «carnival night», «Beware of the car», «Irony of fate or with light steam», «Office romance», «Garage», «Station for two», «Cruel romance» and many others. The filmmaker passed away in 2015.