Is not responsible, or Why the Bank will not return the stolen money from the card

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MOSCOW, August 1 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. In the first half of 2017, crooks stole credit card the Russians almost three times less than in the same period last year, reported the Central Bank. It specified that for the year 2016, the amount of such theft amounted to about one billion rubles.

Banks are doing enough to prevent cyber criminals all more effectively specifies the controller. However, according to experts, the lion’s share of thefts from cards of Russians carried out by methods of social engineering, since they require neither expensive hardware nor complicated software. Is it possible in this case to require the Bank to return the stolen funds? Banks declare to pay for mistakes they did not intend. Read more at RIA Novosti.

Avito, cars and social networks

Social engineering experts called a variety of fraud schemes, which are based on obtaining personal confidential information of the card holder: password, CVC-code, one-time SMS code to confirm the operation, or the username and password to log in to the Internet Bank.

Social engineering techniques is aimed at users of social networks — they come mailing allegedly from the administration of these resources with a request to log in and confirm your details. Such links lead to phishing sites masquerading as pages of social networks, whose main aim is the same — to obtain credit card data.

Will not return

Bankers assure that the customers money they would return only if man can prove his innocence to fraudulent transactions. But in most cases the person himself is guilty that accidentally reported the fraudsters. So, the Bank will shrug.

«If a customer personally gave fraudsters confidential information (including one-time codes from SMS), which was used to commit fraudulent transactions, the cardholder/account is solely responsible, and Bank shall not reimburse the funds,» — says Alexey Golenischev, Director of monitoring of electronic business of alpha Bank.
The chargeback hot on the trail

However, if the time to figure out that you are «divorced», a chance to get the money back in hot pursuit, is a diagram of the chargeback (сhargeback), which provide payment systems Visa and Mastercard. Typically, the money is not debited from the account immediately for the transaction required from several hours to days.

«If people realized that was the victim of a dubious transaction, you need to write a letter to the Bank that it is suspended. But it is valid in the case when the money is not debited from the account», — said the lawyer Gizyatov.

First need to block the card, and then write a letter to the chargeback directly to the office of the Bank that issued the card. The main thing here — not to lose time, hurry to go to the office and write a statement on the suspension of suspicious transactions.

Later the statement you need to make supporting documents — contacting the police about the abduction of funds, for example, SMS-correspondence with the scammers.

The chances of return of money in the case above, but it works only in case if money from the account will not be charged immediately, as this often happens through online banking.© Fotolia / WutzkohВозможности mobile phoneIs not responsible, or Why the Bank will not return the stolen money from the card© Fotolia / WutzkohВозможности mobile phone

«If the money is already deducted and the application is submitted, the Bank may refuse to return, citing the fact that this operation has already been executed and, in fact, to return funds from nowhere,» explains Gizyatov.

The chargeback is a complicated and lengthy procedure, strictly regulated by the Rules of International payment systems, warn of Alfa-Bank. But it involves many conditions and situations where the card issuing Bank may dispute the transaction and to reimburse the funds to the customer.

«For example, using chargeback to get the money back in the event of transactions on the Internet, if the Bank serving the store, does not require one time password to confirm transactions (3D Secure technology),» explains golenishtchev.
When you return

Of course, there are sophisticated methods of theft, such as cyber attacks aimed at the banking system and hacking accounts. Banks in such cases stand on the side of clients whose accounts emptied by the scammers.

«Because in such cases hacking the accounts of multiple customers, security Bank itself reveals the incident, establishes the innocence of cardholders, and they return the money,» — said the Ministry. Thus, according to the lawyer, the proportion of theft in the total volume is rather small — only about 10%, as it is difficult and expensive in technical terms.© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotobabble mapIs not responsible, or Why the Bank will not return the stolen money from the card© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotobabble map

As told in the alpha Bank, the funds of customers return if their summed ATM: for example, if the card was copied by fraudsters through a special lining on the ATM (skimming device) or the scammers have produced fake card which withdrew the money.

However, lawyers warn, if the ATM is just disguised as a device of any Bank, and really has nothing to do with him (and there are such cases), to present to the Bank any claims will not succeed.