Lawyer wife Scaramucci denied media reports about the cause of the divorce

© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez MonsivaisДиректор for communications in the White house Anthony of Scaramucci. Archival photoLawyer wife Scaramucci denied media reports about the cause of the divorce© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The lawyer wife of former Director of communications for the White house, Anthony’s Scaramucci stated that she filed for divorce not because of the ambitions of her husband and his desire to work with US President Donald trump, the newspaper reports People.

«I don’t know where it went, but this is not true. This is a false fact,» — said the lawyer wife Scaramucci, Didi ball Jill stone. He added that it was the only thing he can say about the causes of the disorder.

Earlier it was reported that the wife of Scaramucci filed for divorce because of his «blatant political ambitions.» It was also noted that she did this after three years of marriage because of the desire of her husband to be closer to the President of the United States Donald Trump. As noted by one source, Boll «left her husband, despite the fact that they have two kids.» According to another source, Boll «is not a fan of trump» and did not support the desire of her husband to get into the White house.

On Monday the White house announced that after only ten days after the appointment of Scaramucci for the post of Director of White house communications, he resigned «to give (the new) chief of staff John Kelly full freedom and opportunity to create own team».