Naturalists found in Brazil a unique «double-headed» bat

© Photo : Nogueira et al. / Anatoma Histologia Embryologia 2017Фотография double-headed bat, found in BrazilNaturalists found in Brazil a unique «double-headed» bat© Photo : Nogueira et al. / Anatoma Histologia Embryologia 2017

. Brazilian scientists have described the discovery of the rare «double» of a bat, the third discovery of its kind in the history of science, the study of which will help scientists to understand how any of these developmental disorders, reported the online publication LiveScience.

«I was absolutely amazed at this find. I’ve seen a large number of bats in my career, some of which had very interesting features of the anatomy, but none of them can compare to these «Siamese twins,» says Marcelo Nogueira (Nogueira, Marcelo) from the University of North Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), whose words reports LiveScience.

Scientists and laymen often find fancy animals animals with two heads, the extra pairs of limbs and other traits typical «Siamese twins.» In recent years, biologists have found dozens of examples of these creatures among land and sea and flying animals and birds.

Contrary to common perceptions, they are not the product of some mutations, prompting the Bud to grow another head or extra legs, and an unusual developmental disorder identical twins whose bodies, for whatever reason, are unable to split up in the early stages of fetal development.

Why this happens remains a mystery, and, therefore, every opening of such «Siamese twin» is especially valuable for biologists. Find them not so often, as these individuals usually die at birth and their remains are eaten by scavengers and predators.

The opening of the «Siamese» bats, says Nogueira, is even more rare, since females of bats mammals usually give birth to only one child. During the observations, according to the biologist, was aware of only two cases of birth «double» bat — the big brown kozana, whose body was found on the doorstep of one of the canadian schools in 1969, and brouhaha of listonosza found in Belize two years ago.

Now that collection has expanded a two-headed species of frugivorous forms listonosza (Artibeus obscurus), whose body was found by residents of the state of espírito Santo in 2001, walking the local forests. The corpse of an unusual bat they passed into the hands of Antonio Peracchi known Brazilian zoologist, whose home collection it was stored in the pickled form as long as she is not interested in Nogueira and his colleagues.

Comprehensively examine her and enlightened with the help of x-rays, scientists have discovered that the «halves» of the bat remained independent from each other approximately to the level of the chest, where they were joined, including at the level of the spine. With the exception of two heads, two hearts and a rudimentary third hand growing between them, this bat generally differed little in appearance from its «single-headed» cousins.

Judging by the fact that this bat was found along with the placenta, she most likely died during birth or was killed after a miscarriage her mother. The study of these remains, as scientists hope, will help to understand, which leads to similar problems of development and human children.