Russia intends to launch the production of bionic eyes

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System bionic eyes yet purchased abroad, but Russia has plans to establish its own production, said Tuesday the Deputy Minister of health Tatiana Yakovleva at a press conference in MIA «Russia today».

The deaf-blind patient 30 June for the first time in Russia was transplanted to a bionic eye — an artificial visual system. The goal of the operation – the restoration of view, the introduction in Russia of a new surgical method of treatment of blindness and the development of new methods of rehabilitation.

«Of course, the bionic eye will be purchased abroad, it is very expensive. And we need to do our own production, and basting… in our Russia already have», — said Yakovlev.

As told by the President of the Foundation for the deaf and blind «unity» Dmitry Polikanov, the first operation to implement the bionic eye was worth about ten million rubles. According to him, some countries began to make similar operations for the insurance, there is the cost begins to fall due to the emergence of competition.

«The most important thing is not the cost of the operation… 140 thousand dollars cost us… Cost of operation even though we are now in MLA include, and most importantly, the cost of bionic eyes and it must be solved», — said, in turn, Yakovlev, noting that the operation itself costs about 150 thousand rubles.

She also added that today we are talking about transactions for those who were originally sighted, but then for one reason or another have lost the ability to see, but in the future such manipulations can be applied to the blind from birth.

She also said that Russia will have clinical testing technology, which will take from one year to three years, then the operation will be included in the list of high-tech care. «At least ten operations we need to do,» she said.

«The application is already compiled for this clinically tested, and produced clinical protocols, with which those operations will be conducted at the centre for otolaryngology. And then, when confirmation will occur health and economic efficiency, this operation will be included in the list of high-tech medicine… and these operations will be done at the expense of the state to our patients,» — said Yakovlev.

Polikanov noted that the next operation in Russia can be held in the fall.

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