Scaramucci was inadequate to his position, the expert believes

© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez MonsivaisДиректор for communications in the White house Anthony of Scaramucci. Archival photoScaramucci was inadequate to his position, the expert believes© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Ex-Director of the White house communications Anthony of Scaramucci did not correspond to his post, says the political scientist, Deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper «Izvestia» Boris Mezhuev.

Scaramucci was fired on Monday, the 11th day after his appointment. The dismissal took place at the request of the new head of the White house of John Kelly. According to several American media, Scaramucci initiated the retirement from the post of chief of staff of the White house Raines of Prebase and press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer.

«Obviously, the Lord of Scaramucci was absolutely inadequate to their office, which is evident in his telephone comment to the correspondent of the New Yorker, when he spoke about his associates, Mr. (former chief of staff of the White house, Raines) Pribas and Mr. (assistant to the President on strategic issues Stephen) ‘bannon,» said Mezhuev.

Then in conversation with the journalist of the New Yorker Scaramucci rudely responded about the number of colleagues and threatened to dismiss all public relations-White house staff if he did not say where you are coming from leaks to the press.

«The man who tries to deal with «plums», he admits this kind of evaluation actors of the administration is, of course, a flagrant violation of any subordination. Therefore, it is clear that Mr. Kelly, a military man who came to control the White house, the first thing I did – got rid of Scaramucci,» said the analyst.

Mezhuev recalled that the appointment of Scaramucci for the position of Director of the White house communications lobbied «the couple Kushnerov» – Jared Kushner and his wife, the President’s daughter Ivanka trump. «It was clear that it was their personal «family man» like this. It can be assumed that after all the Callie will try to put some limit to the influence of the family, directly Ivanka trump and Jared Kushner on the decisions», — said the expert.

«No matter how to relate to the work of Prebase or Spicer can be, they made a number of mistakes, but it’s still a system of people who understand that a man like Scaramucci, can not fulfill the role of Director of communications in the White house, that is not a man of the political system,» said Mezhuev.

«Now, apparently, Mr. Kelly will attempt to restore order, and to do that, he will sooner or later have to face some dissatisfaction couple Kushnerov. This conflict is already there, it is possible», — said the analyst.

«Another thing is that the situation has gone so far, so abnormal was the situation in the White house, the so-called West wing that Trump had nothing to do how easy it is to put a military man to solve all these problems. Therefore, the question will be whether Kelly to bring this administration in working condition or is it the conflict will flare up further,» said Mezhuev.

The Path Of Scaramucci

Scaramucci was born on long island in a family of builders, received the degree of doctor of legal Sciences at the law school at Harvard University.

Founded investment Fund SkyBridge Capital in 2005, but, according to the newspaper The Guardian, in 2017, ready to take a seat in the administration trump sold his interest in the Fund. In addition, he established the annual economic forum Conferension SkyBridge Alternatives (SALT), which are high-ranking officials and business representatives from Washington, Hollywood and wall street.

Participated in fundraising for the campaign of Democrat Barack Obama in 2008. And in 2012 helped the Republican candidate MITT Romney.

American media recall of Scaramucci, as in 2015 the TV channel Fox News he called trump «hired hack» «anti-American rhetoric,» and in 2016, came into his campaign headquarters.

The name of Scaramucci also sounded in terms of finding a «Russian trace» in the election of an American President. In particular in June 2017 CNN, citing an unnamed source in the U.S. Congress announced that the U.S. Senate is investigating the alleged links of the team of Donald trump with the FUND. It was about the meeting of its head Kirill Dmitriev with a representative of the transitional headquarters of the trump — Scaramucce «four days before the inauguration of the President of the United States» in January. The meeting supposedly took place at the world economic forum in Davos. In an email to CNN of Scaramucci then wrote: «Dmitriev came to the restaurant to say Hello. I was friendly with him. Nothing more.»