«Schwabe» have agreed about cooperation with the Russian export centre

© Fotolia / lichtmeisterПодписание of the contract. Archival photo«Schwabe» have agreed about cooperation with the Russian export centre© Fotolia / lichtmeister

Holding «Schwabe» (part of state Corporation rostec) have signed an agreement on cooperation with the Russian export centre (REC) with the aim of strengthening their export positions, the press service of the holding.

In the framework of the agreement the centre will provide financial, legal, insurance, information and consulting support on various export projects «Schwabe». From the «Schwabe» this document was signed by Deputy General Director Ivan Ozhigin, by REC — the head of the group of companies of the Russian export centre Petr Fradkov.

«By the end of 2016, the share of exports in total revenue of the company amounted to 28%. I am confident that through cooperation with the Russian export center we will be able to significantly strengthen its positions on foreign markets,» said Orgain.

According to Fradkov, are applied at the enterprises «Schwabe» technologies have great export potential.

«Development of high-tech exports is one of the priorities of the RECs, therefore, the cooperation with the holding «Schwabe» is the most important step in this direction. The unique technology of «Schwabe» have, no doubt, a huge export potential and can play a significant role in shaping Russia’s image as a manufacturer of high-tech products,» — said the head of the group of Rets.

JSC «Russian export center» (REC) — state Institute of export support, was established with the support of the government of the Russian Federation. The centre is a single window for exporters, in the area of financial and non-financial support measures, including cooperation with relevant ministries and agencies.