The agent of the SBU revealed details of a terrorist attack in the Rostov region

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Ukrainian Alexei Sisonovich convicted of the North-Caucasian district military court for 12 years for involvement in preparing terrorist attacks, told how on the instructions of Kyiv collected data for the organization of the crime.

The footage filmed, released by the FSB, Sisonovich admitted that Ukrainian intelligence recruited him in 2014. At first, he collected data about the movements of military equipment and the point of dislocation in the Luhansk region. In 2015, Sisonovich on the instructions of the curator traveled to Kiev, where he passed a polygraph test. He then continued the collection and transmission of information.

Then, according to Sisonovich, supervisor instructed him to conduct reconnaissance in the vicinity of the station Dashing, located in the Rostov region. The agent went to the station complied with her photography and amounted to a description; this information he conveyed to Kiev. In addition, Sisonovich find out whether the newcomer is to rent an apartment near the station.

«After some time, the task was to verify the cache, which is located behind the depot station Dashing», he added.

Sisonovich shown where a previously prepared hideout. The footage video shows how operatives are removed from the cache objects. They turned out to be components of improvised explosive devices.

In September 2016, the FSB officers found a cache of items and substances for the manufacture of homemade bombs. Sisonovich detained during the investigation. He admitted that he had organized caches on the instructions of the security Service of Ukraine to carry out an attack on one of the train stations.