The head of Kalmykia promised to help with housing the woman turned to Putin

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in fotobanka of Kalmykia Alexei Orlov. Archival photoThe head of Kalmykia promised to help with housing the woman turned to Putin© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

. The head of Kalmykia Alexei Orlov has promised a resident of Elista Larissa Yakupova, reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin about collecting money from parents of students to purchase their desks in one of the schools of the Republic, to sort out her housing problems.

According to the woman, the house where they lived with her husband and three children (two minors) were issued to the parents of the spouse. After the mother-in-law Yakupova has become dysfunctional, father-in-law and sister-in-law allegedly kicked out of the house the whole family. As said a local resident, the transaction was treated as purchase and sale, and now the house belongs only to the eldest sister of the spouse Yakupova.

«This is a legal detail, which we, of course, will try to understand and put things in order. From a purely moral point of view, of course, and your father-in-law and sister, your husband received is not entirely correct. I will try to understand in conjunction with Supervisory authorities. It is a question of the right of inheritance, you need to figure out whether it was done legally or not. We will try to resolve the issue of fairness,» explained eagles during a personal meeting with the resident.

The head of the Republic did not rule out involvement in the verification of the investigating authorities, if they revealed «aspects of a criminal nature».

«Died basic homeowners, right? Left two heirs: your husband and his sister. Sister your husband somehow, I do not want to characterize or evaluate what has managed to seize their rights and you roughly put on the street, right? On this fact we understand, of course, will be dealt with and the Supervisory authorities, if need be, to connect with the investigating authorities, if there are aspects of a criminal nature,» — said Orlov.

About collecting money from parents of students to purchase their desks at school said a resident of Elista Larissa Yakupov in the direct line with Vladimir Putin. Son Yakupova is 1 September in the first class. According to her, of all parents of future first-graders, MBOU «school №12» Elista, only she objected to the proposal of the class teacher to buy school desks.

Putin on Monday at a meeting with head of the Republic Alexey Orlov said that the purchase of desks is «something new» that he «never saw or heard». Putin instructed the head of Kalmykia to deal with the situation. The head of the Republic took under personal control the solution of this issue. Eagles during the videoconference with residents of the Kalmykia Republic, said that the Republic will be in the new school year, 100% of the necessary textbooks and desks. In addition, according to him, in all the schools of Kalmykia (160) by September 1 will receive desks for students in grades 1-5.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has charged to the head of Kalmykia to verify the data that the parents of the students bought school desks.