The Indian military destroyed two militant leaders in Kashmir

© 2017 AFP / Tauseef MustafaИндийский military. Archival photoThe Indian military destroyed two militant leaders in Kashmir© 2017 AFP / Tauseef Mustafa

Indian security forces during a special operation in Jammu and Kashmir state eliminated two powerful terrorist grouping «Lashkar-and-Taiba», said the representative of the state police Munir Khan.

The clash occurred Tuesday morning in the area of the settlement Achipur near the town of Pulwama. Security forces received information about the presence in the area of militants «Lashkar-and-Taiba». After they discovered the militants, the latter opened by the authorities, the fire then started shooting. The result was eliminated militants Abu Dujana and Arif Laliari.

«Both were neutralized. After the collision, the bodies were identified. One was Dujana, the second – Arif,» said Khan at a press briefing in Pulwama, broadcast by local television.

Dogana until recently was considered one of the leaders of factions in the Indian region, but, according to the media, was ousted from leadership as a result of internal conflict. Representative of the armed forces of India at the briefing said that the operation can be considered an attack on the leadership of «Lashkar-e-Taíba» in the region, although he acknowledged that «in the last year he (Dujana) was not particularly involved in terrorist activities, lived here at his pleasure.»

Dogana comes from the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir. He is considered the organizer of numerous acts of terrorism «Lashkar-and-Taiba» on the territory of the state of Jammu and Kashmir figured in the list of most wanted terrorists in the region, for the capture of which had offered a reward of 1.5 million rupees (about 1.4 million rubles).

In addition, during the operation, the security forces tried to prevent local residents standing between them and the hiding place of the militants. As a result, in the cross fire, killed one protester, injured another 5-6, including as a result of injuries from the pneumatic weapon, said Munir Khan. He urged residents of Kashmir, who out of political conviction or «by order» are trying to hinder the security forces during special operations, not to do it because «operations will continue».

«Lashkar-and-Taiba» which is considered responsible for the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai, is one of the largest and most dangerous terrorist organizations in South Asia.

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the only Indian state, the majority of the population is Muslim, active separatists campaigning for independence or accession to Pakistan. While in Kashmir between India and Pakistan has no official borders — the armies of the two States dividing line of control.