The Novokuznetsk Prosecutor’s office asks to deprive of the rights of epileptic rammed people

© RIA Novostideutsche law. Archival photoThe Novokuznetsk Prosecutor’s office asks to deprive of the rights of epileptic rammed people© RIA Novosti

The Novokuznetsk Prosecutor has addressed in court with the statement for deprivation of the driving license of the epileptic, who last summer made a high-profile accidents, crashing into a group of pedestrians and injuring five people, reported RIA Novosti on Tuesday in office of public Prosecutor of the Kemerovo region.

The accident occurred July 6, 2016 on the Avenue Kurako near the railway station. The driver of the Nissan March ran into a group of pedestrians, crossing the carriageway on the adjustable crosswalk. As the police found out, 28-the summer driver of a foreign car started moving on forbidding signal of a traffic light, has made arrival on the people, and then the car crashed into those standing before the stop line on the wrong side of the Toyota. Five women ranging in age from 42 to 76 years were traumatized varying severity and were hospitalized, three of the victims had suffered serious bodily injury.

Public Prosecutor’s check established that in may 2016, the man passed a medical examination for a replacement driver’s license in the presence of medical contraindications and subsequently acquired the rights. In the course of a criminal investigation revealed that the accused at the time of the accident was in a morbid condition due to disease. Commission is judicial-medical examination showed that the driver of symptomatic epilepsy. Police found that an attack of epilepsy was the cause of the accident.

As recalled by the Prosecutor’s office, 31 may 2017 a resolution of the judge of the Central district court of Novokuznetsk, he was released from criminal liability under article «violation of traffic rules or operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health», because at the time of the accident was in a state of insanity. He was assigned to compulsory treatment.

«However, the right of driving he was deprived of was not. Management of an individual suffering from a mental disorder, the vehicle creates real threat of occurrence of accidents, harm to the life and health of citizens. In this regard, the city Prosecutor appealed to NOVOIL’inskiy district court of Novokuznetsk, a statement on the termination of the right to management of transport,» — said in a Supervisory Agency.

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