The revolt of prisoners in a British prison settled

© AFP 2017 / Oli ScarffПолиция the UK. Archival photoThe revolt of prisoners in a British prison settled© AFP 2017 / Oli Scarff

A riot among prisoners, which began on Monday in a British prison Mount had been resolved; the victims in the incident, reports broadcasting Corporation Bi-Bi-si with reference to the statement of the Ministry of justice in the UK.

After noon on Monday, the inmates of the prison the Mount in Hertfordshire started the riots, capturing the two wings of the correctional institution. In jail at present contains more than 1 thousands of prisoners in the occupied part of the building, there were about 227 people.

The Ministry of justice sent to the place of incident employees who have experience of dealing with unrest among detainees.

As transfers Bi-Bi-si, the Ministry of justice reported that the incident was resolved, none of the employees and prisoners were not injured and received no injuries.

«The perpetrators of the incident will be handed over to the police and can spend more time behind bars,» — said the management of the institution.

The Mount prison opened in 1987, it contains prisoners serving the last six months of his term.