The US does not plan sanctions against the oil sector of Venezuela, media reported

© REUTERS / Carlos Garcia RawlinsГолосование on the election of members of the national constituent Assembly in VenezuelaThe US does not plan sanctions against the oil sector of Venezuela, media reported© REUTERS / Carlos Garcia Rawlins

USA will not yet impose sanctions against the oil sector of Venezuela, Reuters reported, citing informed sources.

On Monday, the U.S. Treasury has announced that it has imposed sanctions against the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.

«There are no sanctions associated with the oil sector (Venezuela — ed.) will not be included in the ad, but such measures are still being considered, according to sources in Congress and informed persons», — says the Agency.

The US said earlier that oppose the holding of elections to the National constituent Assembly of Venezuela and is ready to «stringent economic measures» if the elections will still take place. Media reported, citing sources, that the sanctions will affect the oil sector of the country, including the state oil company. It was expected that these sanctions will include a ban on the supply of oil from Venezuela to the US, but Washington can stop the sale of light crude oil to Venezuela, which uses it to create a mixture with a heavier fuel, the officials said, indicating that this compound is exported.

On Sunday, Venezuela held elections for the National constituent Assembly, which is expected to prepare amendments to the Constitution of the country. The convening of this body was announced on the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition did not recognize the elections, indicating that the constituent Assembly should be carried out through a referendum. Elections were held in an atmosphere of mass protests that led to casualties. Only for Saturday and Sunday in protests were killed, according to the Deputy Henry Ramos, at least 16 people.