The winners of the competition of presidential grants

© Fotolia / BestForYouРоссийские rubles. Archival photoThe winners of the competition of presidential grants© Fotolia / BestForYou

Theatre festival «Golden mask» and the Russian Red cross received the largest first presidential grants for non governmental organizations in 2017. The winners of the first in the 2017 competition is named on the website of the presidential grants.

The list includes 1023 draft submitted to 970 non-profit organizations from 79 regions of Russia.

In 2017 to conduct a grant competition was created by a single operator, the presidential grants for the development of civil society. In 2017, held two contests with an extended application period: within the first competition took them from 17 April to 31 may, the application for the second contest can be submitted between August 16 and September 29.

In the first contest, the largest grant of 50 million rubles was awarded to a non-profit organization «Festival «the gold mask» to host the Russian national award and its festival. All-Russian public organization «Russian Red cross» has received a grant of 20,355 million rubles for the development of a nationwide voluntary educational movement, «I’m your donor.»

In addition, among the projects that have received large grants — humanitarian of the interstate program «And the rescued world remembers» («Moscow Association of the organisations of veterans of local wars and military conflicts», 13,94 million), the project of creation of Federal resource center for youth volunteerism (the Association of volunteer centres, 11, 818 million) and the project «the Domestic trainer» (Autonomous non-commercial organization «League of the school yard and sport», 11, 485 million).

Presidential support was also expressed for the project for the development of a culture of corporate philanthropy in the regions (Association of grantmaking organizations «donors Forum», 7,797 million), the project «unity is strength» on the promotion of healthy lifestyles (the charity Fund of St. John of Kronstadt functioning, 6,193 million), the program gratuitous advice to ampreplace (non-commercial partnership «Center of promoting environmental business, 5,74 million), the project of the Museum of the history of the persecution of the faith in the twentieth century (St. Tikhon’s Orthodox theological Institute, 4,728 million), the project «step by Step» to protect the rights of citizens including prisoners (Chechen regional public charitable organization «Women’s resource center,» 2,996 million).