«There’s still time», the EU intends to discuss with the trump of new sanctions against Russia

© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova in Photobacterium USA Donald trump. Archival photo«There’s still time», the EU intends to discuss with the trump of new sanctions against Russia© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova the image Bank

Representatives of the European Union intend to discuss with the President of the United States Donald trump bill on new sanctions against Russia. According to the head of the German foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, a final decision on the restrictions is still pending.

The bill on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea have already approved both chambers of Congress. It is anticipated that trump will sign the document soon.

Restrictions against Moscow contain several provisions they mainly relate to energy. The largest protests in Europe called point Washington’s intention «to oppose construction of the pipeline «Nord stream — 2».

«Still have time»

According to Gabriel, the American President has not yet made a final decision on sanctions.

«There is still time. The President obviously trump has not yet decided whether and how it will tighten the sanctions regime against Russia. The law provides, in any case, prior consultation with us, the Europeans, before that can happen», — quotes words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany.

According to Gabriel, he intends to use this opportunity for discussion, «being in close contact with Rex Tillerson (U.S. Secretary of state. — Approx. ed.)».

The German diplomat stressed that the purpose of sanctions against Moscow — «overcoming the crisis in Ukraine and political pressure». According to the Minister, this goal is achievable, provided that the work will go «together and cohesive.»

The head of the German foreign Minister promised to give back the industrial policy of the USA under the guise of sanctions.

Protests EU

Sigmar Gabriel is one of the most tough opponent of new us sanctions against Russia. In June, he and the Chancellor of Austria Christian Kern issued a joint statement in which they accused the U.S. of attempting to remove from the market its main competitor.

Then policy said that Europe’s energy supply — the case of Europe itself, not Washington.

«Who supplies us with energy, we decide in accordance with the market rules of transparency and competition», — said the European officials.

German policy in General took a tough stance against Washington. On Monday, the Minister of economy and energy, Germany Brigitte tsipris said that a bill to expand sanctions contrary to international law, as it affects the interests of European companies.

«The Americans can’t punish German companies, as they lead the economic activity in another country,» said cipres in an interview with the publications of the media group Funke.

The German official stressed that the EU does not want «trading war» and several times tried to influence the US position.

«It is therefore important that the European Commission is now studying the responses. Europe is ready in a short time to take countermeasures,» — said cipres.

Plans Trump

The white house has already signaled that it generally supports the document, which provides a serious limitation of powers of the President. In particular, the bill includes a paragraph requiring the President subject to confirmation by the legislators of any mitigation or cancellation of sanctions.

«We support strong sanctions against these countries (Russia, Iran and North Korea. — Approx. ed.) as I said earlier. But it is too early to talk about it, we are waiting for the outcome document to proceed to its implementation», — said last week the White house spokesman Sarah Sanders.

On Tuesday, Vice-President Mike Pence expressed confidence that trump will endorse the bill.

«We are confident that there is the possibility of improving relations with Russia, time will tell. However, the negotiations between the parties beginning with the recognition of each other’s positions and respect each partner. The sanctions, which will be finally signed by trump, will be the proof that we do what we say,» said Pence during a visit to Tbilisi.

Moscow’s Response

The Russian authorities did not wait until trump put the signature under the bill on new sanctions, already imposed retaliatory measures.

So, the foreign Ministry suggested Washington until September to reduce the number of diplomatic personnel in Russia. The United States will be able to leave the country 455 employees of the Embassy and consulates — so much of the Russian diplomats working in the United States.

How do you assess the Russian response to a bill of the US sanctions?

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All prosegregation, American Embassy August will not be able to use the dacha in Serebryany Bor and warehouses on a Traffic street in Moscow.

«The fact that after Congress and Senate passed through this bill, you know that in the future a virtual machine and de-facto this bill will take the form of law. That is, even if the U.S. President won’t sign it, it still will take the form of law,» — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov yesterday.

He recalled that earlier, the White house said that even if trump are comments about the bill on sanctions, they will touch their tightening.

«And so, in fact, nothing was to be expected. It was quite obvious,» — said Peskov.