Venezuelan police detained two opposition leaders

© AFP 2017 / Federico reggaetronic the police of Venezuela in Caracas. Archival photoVenezuelan police detained two opposition leaders© 2017 AFP / Federico Parra

Police arrested two leaders of the Venezuelan opposition Leopold lópez and Antonio ledezma, the in their homes, according to relatives of politicians.

«Leopoldo was just taken out of the house. Don’t know where it is and where it is going. (Venezuelan President Nicolas ed.) Maduro will be responsible if something happens,» — wrote in his microblog on Twitter, the wife of Lopez, Lilian tintori seaside.

Later, the tintori seaside posted a video that captures the moment of detention near 00.27 (07.27 GMT). The opposition leader in hosted video comes out of the house surrounded by guards, then put it in the police car.

As for Ledesma, about his detention in his Twitter said the Deputy of the National Assembly Richard Blanco, who also published a video in which opposition leader removed from the house security officers.

12:27 de la madrugada: el Momento en que secuestra a la dictadura en mi casa Leopoldo. No lo van a doblegar!

— Lilian Tintori (@liliantintori) August 1, 2017.

«So the staff of the SEBIN (Bolivarian national intelligence service — ed.) brought a Antonio Ledezma from his house. We don’t know where he is. The government is responsible for his safety,» wrote Blanco.

On Sunday, Venezuela held elections for the National constituent Assembly, which is expected to prepare amendments to the Constitution of the country. The convening of this body was announced on the initiative of President Maduro. The opposition did not recognize the elections, indicating that the constituent Assembly should be carried out through a referendum. Elections were held in an atmosphere of mass protests that led to casualties. The death toll, according to latest figures, is more than 120.