Bitcoin is divided into two separate cryptocurrencies

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Bitcoin is divided into two cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin (Original) Bitcoin and Cash. The reason for this was the decision of the developers to launch a new Protocol of the blockchain SegWit2x, writes Business Insider.

A new mechanism was supported only by some users of the cryptocurrency, while others refused to activate it. Customer dissatisfaction is due to the fact that Segwit2x increases the size of the unit of bitcoin by half to two megabytes.

Cryptocurrency is virtual money, their global turnover of about four billion dollars. Bitcoin rate which recently broke all records, is the most famous example of cryptocurrency.

In a year bitcoin risen about five times: now it is trading around $ 2,700.

«Financial pyramid»

Russian officials have repeatedly opposed the virtualization of currency, because such systems can be used for money laundering and sponsoring terrorism. Now in Russia there is a ban on production of money substitutes.

On Wednesday, the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin said that the development of the cryptocurrency at the global level resembles a pyramid scheme.

«Often, their prices do not reflect the actual cost of such asset. This often happened with the pyramids in our country in past years, now we see that the situation is similar at the global level occurs with some cryptocurrencies,» said Oreshkin in an interview with TV channel «Russia 24».

«They should not be viewed as currency… need to consider them as an asset, and the cost of that asset to be treated very carefully,» the Minister added.

Skeptical of the cryptocurrency is the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. According to her, the regulator does not consider bitcoin as a virtual currency or a monetary asset, and considers it rather a digital asset.

«We do not believe that bitcoin can be regarded as a virtual currency. It’s more the digital asset regulatory assets. But I think it is more important to understand the benefits of new technologies. In the same way as the Blockchain, which is based on bitcoin, now bitcoin is like money,» she said in June in an interview with the American CNBC TV channel CNBC.

«We are not in a hurry. We have some doubts, we do not see huge benefits from implementing digital asset in our economy», — said Nabiullina.

«A huge opportunity»

Have cryptocurrency supporters. So, about the need to legalize virtual money has repeatedly said the head of Sberbank German Gref.

«I think it (cryptocurrency — ed.) as soon as possible to resolve, to think, to experiment. It’s not something that can and should be banned. Legislative attempt to prohibit all stopped, and now it seems to me, is quite a constructive dialogue and the Central Bank — the attempt to understand what to do,» he explained in June.

According to the banker, trying to act restrictive measures the issue of new technologies leads to the backwardness of the country from competitors.

In late may, Gref also stated that Russia should enter the accurate regulation of bitcoin because it provides «enormous opportunities».

«We see that more and more countries enter the club that opens its markets for cryptocurrencies. The last country was Japan. I think including it was a factor that influenced the exchange rate of bitcoin,» said Gref in an interview with «Russia 24».
Needs its own cryptocurrency

In early June, the Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova said that the regulator began work on the creation of a national virtual currency.

«To a virtual national currency, we’ll get there. This is something we have already begun to work,» she said during the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

«In fact, all the regulators came to believe that, of course, the national virtual currency. This is the future. The question of a specific time,» added Skorobogatova.

The idea of national cryptocurrencies discuss in the state Duma. On the eve of the Deputy from LDPR Boris Chernyshov suggested the name for the new system — the «Zlatnik».

Bitcoin is divided into two separate cryptocurrencies© AFP 2017 / Anthony WallaceКак to capitalize on bitcoin: is it worth investing in bitcoins»We live in Russia and have to use Russian words, the Foundation of a Patriotic conception of the country. We do not need foreign loans,» — said the MP.

«Russian cryptocurrency should be of the highest quality. The financing of this process should be from the state budget, by analogy with similar projects being developed abroad. Sure, in this case, we will achieve fast and effective results,» he added.