Columnist Forbes: Putin should thank the U.S. Congress for sanctions

© AP Photo / Jacquelyn MartinЗдание of Congress on Capitol hill in Washington. Archival photoColumnist Forbes: Putin should thank the U.S. Congress for sanctions© AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

The economic and strategic rapprochement between Russia and Iran is a good example of how sanctions Congress eventually hit the United States, says columnist Forbes Wade Shepard.

Being in the same boat because of the actions taken by U.S. lawmakers, Moscow and Tehran are actively developing cooperation. Recently they have concluded a deal on joint production of passenger cars at $ 2.5 billion.

Before that, they signed the agreement in other areas. Iran buys Russian military equipment — in particular, the Mi-17 helicopters and various missile systems.

Russian oil and gas companies in turn are active in Iran. In June «Gazprom» has received the contract for the development of the gas field Farzad B.

The trade turnover between Russia and Iran in 2016 has doubled. As noted in Forbes, soon it may exceed $ 10 billion. In 2014 it was «insignificant» 1.68 billion dollars.

The American company can afford only two areas of cooperation with Iran is Persian carpets and large commercial aircraft, says shepherd. Because of the U.S. sanctions can not «grab a piece of the pie» from the rapidly evolving Islamic Republic.

In addition, Washington has a serious impact on European companies in terms of transactions with Tehran. So, according to some reports, the French company Total and several other Western firms without the permission of the United States access to the Iranian market does not get. Therefore, in Russia there are many possibilities.

Shepard notes that in our era of large-scale international trade and investment, countries have the leverage and opportunity to influence each other through economic activity and joint projects.

«Those who imposes sanctions, in fact, withdrawn himself from the game, leaving opponents of the ability to accumulate additional wealth and power. China knows it, Russia knows it. So Putin, perhaps, have to thank Congress,» concludes the author.