Dark matter may be source of mysterious «alien radio»

© NASA / JPL-CaltechРисунок stars that is absorbed by a supermassive black holeDark matter may be source of mysterious «alien radio»© NASA / JPL-Caltech

. Mysterious fast radiospace, the nature of which scientists argue for ten years, can occur as a result of collision of large concentrations of dark matter with black holes, according to the online magazine New Scientist.

«If in the centers of galaxies have a large number of clusters of axion dark matter, then such «dark stars» frequently collide with the accretion disk of a supermassive black hole. The powerful magnetic field of the disk should cause some of the axions to decay and to produce a flash, reaching to us in the form of a quick burst,» says Eiichi, Iwazaki (Aiichi Iwazaki), astronomer from the University of Nishogakusha in Tokyo (Japan).

For the first time about the existence of a mysterious flares of radio emission (fast radio burst FRB) astronomers began in 2007, when they were accidentally discovered during observations of radio pulsars using the Parkes telescope (Australia).

In subsequent years, scientists were able to find traces of nine of these bursts, the comparison of which showed that they might have an artificial origin, and even potentially be signals of extraterrestrial civilizations due to the unexplained periodicity in their structure.

Last spring, scientists have found that the source of one of such FRB-flares were an elliptical galaxy located 6 billion light years from the milky Way. This led them to conclude that such outbursts are born during the merging of neutron stars or other compact objects, turning into a black hole. In the future, astrophysicists have discovered that the FRB-flash again, put these theories into question.

The unusual properties of these radio bursts, which does not allow to associate them with either supernova explosions or by the mergers of black holes or pulsars, as noted, Iwazaki, made him think about more exotic options like the birth of the «alien signals».

All the famous astronomers FRB-flash, according to astronomers, occurred in the centers of distant galaxies, and their most likely sources are likely to be supermassive black holes at their centers. What would cause them to produce such a short and bright flash, visible only in the radio?

The calculations show, Iwazaki, outbreaks of similar length, power and frequency can cause exotic «dark star» – the clusters of dark matter particles with a diameter of about 94 kilometers, inhabiting the Central parts of galaxies. Such structures, as suggested by Japanese astronomer, should not consist of the classic super-heavy dark matter particles, so-called «vinow» does not interact with visible matter, and axions, their ultra-light counterparts, similar in properties to the neutrino.

According to the scientist, the axions must interact with strong magnetic fields existing in the so-called the accretion disk – the «donut hole» from the hot matter surrounding a black hole. Faced with it, some of the axions in the «dark star» will decay into photons and generate a powerful electric field. These fields accelerate the electrons that are present in the «donut hole» and force them to produce beams of high energy photons, whose physical properties are almost perfectly coincide with the look of FRB-flash.

Such a mechanism of «signals of aliens,» according to Iwazaki, explains their strangeness, including the fact that they remain invisible to us in the ultraviolet and x-ray ranges, as well as why they are repeated, but are not periodic, like the radio signals from pulsars. On the other hand, scientists have not yet found any traces of the existence of axions, and most likely the source of the FRB-flares is some other cosmic phenomenon, with a less exotic nature.