Dodon commented on Rogozin persona non grata

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in Photobacterium of Moldova Igor Dodon. Archival photoDodon commented on Rogozin persona non grata© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon said that the decision of the government of the Republic to declare the Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata involved the country in an unprecedented diplomatic and geopolitical scandal.

The government of Moldova on Wednesday at the meeting, Rogozin declared persona non grata. According to head the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Moldova Andrey Galbur, Rogozin recently made several statements, which «are denigrating, offensive and hostile character». He cited the example of an interview that Deputy Prime Minister gave channel «Russia 24», which allegedly «allowed offensive» words to the citizens and authorities of Moldova.

«Today they drew Moldova in an unprecedented diplomatic and geopolitical scandal,» wrote an announcement on his page in Facebook.

According to him, to declare the Russian Deputy Prime Minister a persona non grata is «an act of great political stupidity». As Moldovan leader, «this is a disservice to all of Moldova and Moldovans». «I don’t know whether the authorities are doing so on their own initiative or, more likely, controlled like puppets from overseas», added Dodon.

As stressed by the Moldovan leader, «restoring good relations with Russia, on which he insisted as President, was a chance for tens of thousands of farmers and migrant workers to obtain jobs in the Russian Federation and income from exports.»

According to him, the parliamentary majority and the government do everything possible to disrupt the economic and social prospects. «They don’t travel around the country and do not know what is the situation of farmers, what happens to the thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables, which nobody needs in Europe. There are compromises and (pending – ed.) talks with Tiraspol,» — said Igor Dodon.

Earlier Rogozin has accused the leader of the ruling party of Moldova, Vladimir Plahotniuc in the disruption of his visit to Chisinau and Tiraspol. Rogozin said that the route of his flight was fully coordinated with the Moldovan authorities, calling the situation a «wild and provocative».