Egor mostovshikov left the post of chief editor of «Snob»

© Photo : Konstantin Melnicki, Egor Mostovshikov. Archive photoEgor mostovshikov left the post of chief editor of «Snob»© Photo : Konstantin melnicki,

Egor mostovshikov, appointed chief editor of «Snob» in November 2016, is leaving the position; who will take the vacant position is still unknown, according to the website «Snob».

«Egor mostovshikov was forced to resign as editor-in-chief of the website of the project «Snob», August 2 — his last day of work. The nomination of a new editor has not yet been announced», — stated in the message.

As explained General Director of «Snob» Marina Gevorgyan, «mostovshikov resigned as editor-in-chief as the chief editor of the project is incompatible with the creation of his own advertising Agency and work in it.»

In July 2017 mostovshikov and founder of the project Breaking Mad Zalina Marshenkulova announced the merger project and the launch of a content Studio «Mamihlapinatapai» that creates and advises media projects for brands recalled in «Snob».

«Today I was forced out of the Snob, at the insistence of the CEO to our project. I want you to know that for me it was an incredible thrill to work with each of you, I’m glad you brought us all together,» he said mostovshikov, Slovakia which is contained in the message.

Mostovshikov known as the correspondent of «Russian reporter», Esquire, founder of the samizdat «dear Sir, Yes you are a transformer.» In «Snob,» he came in January 2016 for the position of salgareda, and in November became editor-in-chief of the website.