Germany requires from Venezuela to release detained opposition

© 2017 AFP / Juan Barreto a Boy runs under the flag of Venezuela during protests in Caracas. Archival photoGermany requires from Venezuela to release detained opposition© 2017 AFP / Juan Barreto

The German government demands from the authorities of Venezuela to immediately release the opposition detainees during the protests that accompanied the elections to the National constituent Assembly, said on Wednesday the Deputy of the official representative of the government of Germany Ulrike Demmer.

Shortly after the elections of the National constituent Assembly became aware of the detention of opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledesma.

«The Federal government requires immediately release them (the opposition) and all other detainees,» she said at the briefing.

She also noted that the favorites in such circumstances, the National constituent Assembly «can claim legitimacy.»

On Sunday, Venezuela held elections for the National constituent Assembly, which is expected to prepare amendments to the Constitution of the country. The convening of this body was announced on the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition did not recognize the elections, indicating that the constituent Assembly should be carried out through a referendum. Elections were held in an atmosphere of mass protests that led to casualties. The death toll, according to latest figures, is more than 120.