In Belarus, found a spoon, which is more than the mask of Tutankhamun

© Sputnik / Artem BORDOVSKIKH of the bones of the Neolithic period found in BelarusIn Belarus, found a spoon, which is more than the mask of Tutankhamun© Sputnik / Artem Bordovsky

Unique spoon made of bone Neolithic found in Belarus, transfer Agency Sputnik of Belarus with reference to the candidate of historical Sciences Maxim Cherniavsky.

The artifact was discovered during excavations in the village of Osowiec Beshenkovichi district, Vitebsk region. This is one of the ten archaeological sites Krepinskiy peat, where the sights from the lower Neolithic to the early bronze age, that period is about 3.5 thousand years.

Chernyavsky said that this is the second bone spoon that was found in Belarus. First discovered in 1995, literally in 16 meters from the modern discoveries.

According to the scientist, the spoon was in the formations of North-Byelorussian culture is approximately the second half of the THIRD Millennium BC.

«The spoon is approximately 4 thousand years, and she’s a good thousand years older than the friend of Tutankhamun», – said Chernyavskaya.