In Denmark, the start of the European championship on Cycling on highway

© AP Photo / Robert F. BukatyРоссийская cyclist Olga Zabelin. Archival photoIn Denmark, the start of the European championship on Cycling on highway© AP Photo / Robert F. Bukaty

The Scandinavian part of the prestigious tournaments of the season opens Danish Herning, which will host the European championship on Cycling on highway.

In the European championship from 2 to 6 August in the category of «elite» will be played four sets of medals — in individual and group race in the women’s competition and men. Also four sets of medals will be contested in the Junior age category and in the «andero» (U-23).

The Northern temperament

Scandinavia this season in the final parts of it would become not only the venue of the European championship, but perhaps the main events in the world of Cycling — world Championships road Cycling and the elective Congress of the International Cycling Union (UCI), which will be held in Bergen, Norway. But in September, when will be completely different races and completely different terrain. And in Denmark everything is more or less exactly — even by altimetry.

«If, for example, to speak in the individual race, the Danish route «groups» sprint, a «cutting» force» — in January, said the chief coach of Russia the Prime Minister.

Plain was the route of the race in Voronezh, where took place the championship of Russia. In particular, the results of this tournament was formed the squad for the European championship, of course, given the specifics of the trails. Jersey of the champion of Russia in Voronezh in the team race was won by Alexander Porsev of «Gazprom-Rusvelo». He is considered the captain of the team in Herning. In the road race will help him Viacheslav Kuznetsov, Nikolay Trusov, Artur Ershov, Ivan Savitsky, Sergey Shilov.

In ITT start winner of the championship of Russia-2017 Anton Vorobyev and Shilov. National champion and the best Russian «generalist» Ilnur Zakarin in Denmark will not act in relief of the track not under it. While the national team will fight for medals of the European championship, he will be riding the «Tour of Poland» to prepare for the Vuelta, which will pass the role of captain of the Katusha-Alpecin.

Zabelin returns

Managed to get back in to the European championship, three-time Olympic medalist Olga Zabelin. In the spring she received a number of injuries after a fall on the race in China, had surgery on the collarbone, but he tried as quickly as possible to get back on the bike and even started on the «Giro d’italia» to check whether she needs to schedule another surgery, or to be reached this season. In the end, Zabelin was included in the squad for the European championship and will go not only a group race, but «cutting», as well as Kseniya Dobrynina. The third member in the team race in the national team of Russia will be Elizaveta Oshurkova.

The championship of Russia Zabelin missed due to injury. In its absence the title of champion in the ITT was won by Ksenia Tsymbalyuk, but Anastasia Yakovenko won the championship jerseys in the group race. Both will perform at the championship of Europe in «andero».

«Elite» will fight for the title on 3 August when the competition will be held in individual races — 31.5 km distance in women, 41 km for men. Group race among women (120,6 km) will take place August 5, and the next day will determine the new owner of championship jerseys in the road race for men (241,2 km), because the Slovak Peter Sagan, the current holder of the title, this tournament is not declared.